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Hi ? francesca had my stroke 4th June. New member 

Hi Francesca - Sorry to hear of your stroke. How are you doing now?  You will always find some help on here - we are a friendly lotsmiley

Sorry to hear of your experience.

Welcome to our forum.

Lots of us are here for you, willing you towards recovery.


Hello francesca. So glad that you found our forum. I am Judy. I had four strokes ten months ago. One was in the cerebellum therefore I have lost a lot of my balance and walking is hard work. I also have left sight damage. I get bouts of awful stroke fatigue. Stay positive and visit the guide every day if you can. Keep in touch love judyx

Hi, thank you for your comments ? 

hi, thank you for your comment ? 

hi, thanl for your comment and wow you had four strokes,  how you doing now ??

Well I am very tired most of the time especially when I have to walk. I don't get so many headaches now but still dizzy. I have to rest a lot. I take it a month at a time. I am better than a month ago and so on. My legs are my largest problem. The balance is bad and the pain also. I stay positive.     How are you. I am 78 and live on my own with a number of pets and wildlife. Keep smiling and stay in touch. Love judyx

Hi everyone. My name is Jennifer. My stroke was 11th March. Didn,t have any mobility issues just a few mental issues. Largely ok now apart from still really tired and could cry at the drop of a hat. Stroke association been so marvellous especially in the absence of any other care . This covid has made everything so much worse. 


Hi I'm Anne, I'm a new member, I had my stroke in March, where my memory and concentration is affected. I get awful bouts of stroke fatigue especially psychological but I'm determined to overcome this ?smiley

Hi Anne and welcome! Stroke fratigue is the one of the hardest symptoms to cope with and one which is barely recognised by professionals.  The good news is does go but takes time.  You are still in the early stages of recovery so be kind to yourself. Your brain is still working flat out trying to re-wire itself in the early months which is one of the main contributors of chronic fatigue.  Listen to your brain and rest when it gives you the signs.  Rest (but don't sleep!) in the day and make sure family and friends know what time is your bed rest time so that no-one and nothing interrupts it. It's so important for your recovery.

Hello Anne. Just want to welcome you to the forum. I am Judy 78 and had 4 strokes 11 months ago. I lost a lot of my balance and part of the vision ln left eye. Take care love judy

Hello Jennifer. Welcome to the forum.i am 78 and had 4 strokes 11 months ago. A lot of balance gone and part of left eye sight. We help each other here. Take care love judyx

Hello francesca. Welcome to the forum. We all help each other. I am 78 and had 4 strokes 11 months ago. Slowly recovering. I lost a lot of my balance and some of the sight in left eye. Take care love judy

Hello. I'm Alan and I'm new here. Had a stroke in May in my cerebellum. I have some balance problems, but vision seems to have cleared up ok. I walk as much as I can and am back at work part time. (Working from home.). Typing doesn't always work well!

Hi thank you for welcoming me, and thank you so much for your reply it is so encouraging. I will take your advice. I hope you don't mind me thinking this but you sound like you've been through the same experience. 

Hi Judy thank you for welcoming me. I hope you are making a good and steady recovery. I'm sorry to hear that you had 4 strokes. Take care love Anne 

Hi I'm Jeanne.  It's been about 2 years (Aug 2018) since my brain stem stroke. I can do most things, but everything is such an effort.  I am still struggling with fatigue. I seem to be able to only do something for about 15 or 20 minutes and then I have to rest.  Anyone else?


Yes, I think it's fair to say most of us on here have suffered chronic fatigue. I found it hard to get through each day in the early days but daily bed rest for around 45 mins was something I needed. It just gives your brain time to relax a bit.  As long as you don't go to sleep otherwise it is worse when you wake up and messes up your normal night sleeping pattern.  I am 3 yrs post stroke now and find I don't need to rest as much now although in this hot weather I do find it extra tiring so have found myself laying down with the fan blowing on me is a nice break!

Excellent advice, thank you.  Why not sleep though?