New Medication side affects

I have now got Af which the doctor has prescribed blood thinners and beta blockers. My head and balance seems to be worse. I asked if I could take the beta blockers when my heart was out of rhythm and he said to take them everyday. Does anyone take beta blockers  any info. would be useful.

I'm in the same situation as you.  I take aspirin and Eliquis as blood thinners.  The doc put me on beta blockers at first.  I felt awful!  So we tried a different beta blocker and a different dosage.  Still felt awful. So he switched me to a different class of drugs--calcium channel blockers.  They work in a different way.  I'm taking dilitiazem (Cardia) 180mg extended release.  I seem ok on that.  Everyone is different, so if you don't feel good on one med tell the doc and try another.  It made a huge difference with me. Don't be afraid to speak up. It's your body.  Squeaky wheel gets the oil.

I am blaming the beta blocker but I am a very anxious person and my stroke has affected me with a very strange feeling in my head all the time. I have also got double vision. My head feels dizzy inside which makes my balance very unsteady. Thanks for your reply. Best wishes Norma.

Norma, I have a strange feeling in my head too.  I guess that goes along with the brain's process of healing from the injury.  I have noticed that it is finally lessening and after 2 years, I have more times where it seems to be gone.  So It is gradually going away.  When I first had my stroke I thought I might be all better in weeks, then I thought "months", now I'm figuring it's "years".  But the good news is you keep on getting better  and better every day.  You don't  just stop healing.  My mantra is "Every day in every day I'm getting better and better."  Love, Jeanne

Hi Jeanne  the thing is my head has been worse since I had Botox injected in my eye muscle to impove th double vision unfortunately the botox leaked into the othe muscle and I ended up with double vision the other way,Since that daymy head is very bad and I cant describe it to anyone but it affects my everyday life. I am waiting to see a neurologist How long I have got to wait I dont know.  I am so depressed and low. Thanks for your reply any way. Best wishes Norma.

Norma--Don't let it get you down. Easy to say, right? But I've been there.  The docs are trying to help with various things and then sometimes you feel worse.  It took many months for me to work through the various things I went through, but it is the body's natural move to move towards wellness.  Eventually,  I believe the body will adapt to the "insults" it has endured and reassert itself to wellness, the way it's supposed to be.  They say the body completely rebuild's itself with all new cells every 7 years.  That doesn't mean it's going take that long to feel better,  but it helps to remember that you are always changing and getting better.  I will say a prayer for you tonight that you feel better soon.  Love, Jeanne

You are so kind jeanne I have been patient but I had my stroke 3 yrs ago. The patience is running thin now. The type of stroke I had affected my head and eyes nothing else so I supose I should consider myself lucky but my head is restricting everything I do so my poor husband has to do all the housework I do dusting and get themeals so that is why I get frustrated. Again thanks for your kind reply. Norma.