New life Insurance cover

Following the seriousness of my stroke..  suffering permanent brain tissue death... The insurance policy that I had had for many years covered me for Critical Illness including Stroke.. I have since tried to open a new life Insurance policy, but was finding that because I am now deemed high risk nobody would touch me until I had gone 12 months without having another stroke... I am now 15 months post stroke and still struggling to obtain new life Insurance and Critical illness cover... Has anyone else had such difficulties and are there any good companies in this field that people could recommend as it concerns me that I have still not been able to arrange new cover thanks Darren

Darren there is a company called All Clear. I will look for the link.

All Clear is travel insurance. Have found this link, but call the Stroke Association helpline. They are sure to know

Thank you for your help John ...

Hi Darren,

It took me eight years to get affordable life insurance. I was 43 when i had my Stroke and could not afford to maintain the life insurance cover I had before it. Most companies rejected my application almost immediately at the mention of the S word. Once I turned 50, I found I could get Over 50 life insurance for a third of the cost of my pre-stroke life insurance, with one THIRTIETH (1/30th!) of the cover. Fine for a policy if I was expecting to die within a year but not so fine when I could live for another thirty years or more.

I found life insurance through a company called Moneysworth - I still had to reduce my level of cover and pay more but they were far more understanding than the insurers you find at most of the comparison sites.

In the end, I was fortunate to find work with an employer that had Death in Service cover as a part of my employment package.

Keep searching and you may find that something turns up - persistence pays off.

Take care now,