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Hello this is my first post here. My name is Tim from Tukwila, Wa. I had an ischemic stroke on April 28. About 7 weeks ago.
I woke up at 6:30 that morning to take the garbage to the curband wound up on all fours on the floor. I tried to get up but could not rise to my feet. I grabbed the bedrail and eventually lunged myself to my feet. My wife still sleeping, i took a step out the bedroom door and fell down. Wife did not hear me fall and i couldnt seem to. Call out to her. I got to my feet and somehow got down the stairs before falling again. Somehow i got outside, where i fell again but got the can out to the curb and fell once more as i returned inside and collapsed in an easy chair. My wife had heard me falling by this time , looked me in the eye and said "you look awful, your whole left side is droopi ng and asked me to lift my left arm. I couldnt lift it . She had me try and speak. She couldnt u derstand me so she called 911. I was in a stroke center hospital within 30 minutes.
Because i went to sleep at 9:00 the night before, they could t tell when the onset of the stroke was. So after the scans and co firming an acute right MCA ischemic stroke they had to go with a manual thrombectomy taking 2 passes to clear clot suffeciently. At that point i started getting IV anti clotting meds.
Miraculously, by the next day i had excellent recovery from the deficits i had
I was discharged after 4 days to home. No PT or Occupational Therapy was required in my case. I returned to work after 3 weeks sick leave and continue to have no residual stroke issues with speech, balance or thought. I credit my wife for knowing FAST and getting me to a stroke center hospital in 30 minutes and saving my life.
And the excellent level of care I received
I have changed my diet and increased my exercise level. I co tinue my meds and feel blessed i am having what so far is a full recovery. Red meat has been replaced with Steelhead, Salmon, Halibut and Sea Bass. Low. Sodium and Carb choices for the other meals. I have one cheat meal per month


By the sounds of it You had the care you needed :slight_smile:

I suspect that many of us would have liked access to thrombectomy & thromolyasis but c’est la vie

As @Loshy said watch out for the fatigue. There is research to suggest that around the 5 to 7 month the causes change from the natural clearing up process of damage to tissue to the compensation processes and that the two forms of fatigue have different causal triggers. But if there’s a parallel to your physical recovery you might escape entirely

Wishing you continued good luck :smile:


@2lanegypsy welcome to the forum. Sorry you’ve had a stroke but sounds like you’ve made fantastic progress. Thank you for sharing your story.

Hope you’re finding being baxk at work ok. It took me 17 months to get back to work part time.

Wishing you all the best.


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As simon said,im finding how much access to care is important to outcomes. Ive learned not all hospitals can handle stroke care or lack the equiptment/ specialists and physical proximity access if your in a rural or remote area


There’s a deeper challenge as your needs get more complicated. The medical profession is a series of specialists but yet the recovery need is a deeply integrated and entwined journey. That integration takes subtle trading off of many factors in timing and mode. I’ve yet to see evidence there is any function within the medical profession that covers this.
they even think they’re clever that they have a quote “interdisciplinary team” unquote. But it isn’t a team and it doesn’t integrate anyway
Glad you had a great recovery journey and the rest of us are recovering too

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So sorry to hear of your stroke. Thank you for sharing your story, recovery journey and welcome to this Forum. So pleased you got the help you needed even though the medical team couldn’t pinpoint the time it occured. This “golden window,” is a life saver and life changer for so many but sadly in the UK if you don’t make that window you do not get the treatment needed which sadly was my late Husband’s case. He too had a right side ischemic stroke. Where we live in Lincolnshire you have to go to a specialist stroke unit for them to administer the drug. When these are an hour away from the nearest A,&E / hospital the odds of receiving it are reduced greatly. It needs a massive rethink around stroke care and rehabilitation but it won’t happen due to the cost. Best wishes to you and everyone else on their post stroke journey.

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