New dietary restrictions

My good lady has downloaded some new diet options and plans to fit my new pre diabetic lifestyle, go d they are boring, once I can get out and walk the dog I’ll be happier on two fronts


Just try some small changes initially & see how you get on. I’m sure you’ll be allowed a treat at times too.

Hopefully not too long till you can walk the dog. Your walking seems to be improving all the time x

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Yes I echo your words and thought s.
I really hope so



I’m no dietitian but I’m pretty sure you’re allowed fruit and veg - and other things too, but just need to be sensible? With a week in hospital following my TIA, I found myself eating better-size portions and eating healthier. Having also lost 5lb, I chose to keep both angles going!

I’d historically found ‘salads’ boring but with lettuces, cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, olives, jalapeno peppers, sweetcorn and some feta cheese… they’re yummy! I find the jalapenos give a nice kick! And I alternate each day with veg. But both with ‘something’ that may or may not include some steamed potatoes.

My week’s “stay” was early January, and I’m not tired of it yet. Preparation time and regular cost are niggles, mind. But I’ve lost 1 Stone and do feel much more ‘buzzy’ given more fluid intake too.

Don’t mean to digress, but this shouldn’t mean a bad thing?


Thanks Mahoney, evening,yes a period of adjustment is underway and I’ll get there, next loos test is may 15 so hopefully that the next test will be better and my sugar levels are lowered.

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Yes fish salad tomorrow my good lady is on the case, no pasta or potato se for the last 2 days

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Yes Jonny absolutely, cabbage last night
Fruit and fibre with a cut up banana for breakfast this morning. Really getting into this revised lifestyle.


Yes discussed it with a friend who is type 2 diabetic and she said occasionally straying from the diet is nothing to worry abou it’s the overall diet that is important


Your friend is right…we can’t be good all of the time :grin:

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Well let’s hope I can score below 48 on blood sugar levels when I’m tested in may, I donywant more pills, currently taking too many


Had a bacon bap today so have strayed from the low carb diet but nothing else today all carb zero meals. The bap taste d good and was most welcome.

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I bet it tasted great. A treat is, i am sure, allowed :bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon:

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Oh you definitely need at least one treat a week, that certainly won’t hurt! :blush:

Yes that’s the consensus of opinion it is better for the mind to have some treats to keep life happy.

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Yes thanks it was gorgeous, and in small,

quantities allowed

Wish my arm would react to basic movements , after 2 years of in activity I am guessing its probably permanently disabled.


2 years might seem a long time but that is for the initial phase of recovery and the start of the second phase. You can still find recovery 6 years on!

Look at this way. You’ve started walking now and that will continue to improve over time the more you walk. Your brain couldn’t manage to work on the two areas consecutively so it chose the more vital of the two, your leg!

Now that you are walking, the brain can go to work concentrating on getting your arm working again. That could take another 2/3 years, so what, it can still be done! It just depends of your level of determination and loads of exercising.

Are you up for that?
Are you a glass half full or a glass half empty kind of guy. Is it your attitude to this stroke that’s holding you back, is that what’s going to let your body down? Negativity is not what it needs right now.
A positive mindset brings out more positive responses from your body.
Stop drip feeding yourself negative thought, that’s just mental abuse :wink:

@mrfrederickson Glad you enjoyed your bacon sarnie. Here’s to the next one.

As for your arm you may just surprise yourself. Never lose hope because the body is a remarkable thing.

I like this.

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I look at it that way because it was just the opposite way round for me.
My leg was already half way there to begin with so it was my arm/hand I had to concentrate on as it just lay across my chest. But mine was a minor stroke so these two did working again quite quickly. Now I’m just working on the minor issues such as finger dexterity and drop foot…and I am seeing improvements but I’ve still a ways to go.
I believe it can be done, and that’s all that matters for me!

@EmeraldEyes i agree. I got use of my arm back but my leg is a work in progress. I accept it’s not where I’d like it to be but hold out loads of hope that it’ll improve. I just manage the best I can in the meantime.

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Wise words I’m just a bit impatient and could do with some good luck , it would be a game changer if it was to respond, best present I could ever have.
The walking will improve sooner or later I will be stick free in the house, and prepare to walk outside with the cain for support, eventually I will have my mobility back

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