Never giving up

I saw an article on the BBC website today, about a man who has regained his speech, 4 years after losing it following a stroke. (He has had a second stroke, but doesn't seem to have much fall-out from it).  The brain is quite amazing, and shows we should always keep hoping and expecting recovery to occur ?? 



Hello Nic,

i found the programme on the BBC website. It was very interesting. I’ve saved it to favourites for John to look at later. Thank you.


You're very welcome ?

Also goodle "Letter from your brain" when you've got a few moments - very moving, and helps understanding of what it might feel like for a post-stroke brain. xx

Unfortunately dad had another stroke yesterday, this one a blood clot in his neck...he is currently back in salford royal stroke ward. Thought he had beaten it.

So sorry to hear this.  My thoughts are with you and your family.  x

Oh, that’s sad news. Let’s hope everything works out well. We’re thinking of you, Veronica and John 

Thinking of you Karen. I hope all goes well.

Thanks John, just got back its heart breaking seeing him and my mum upset.. he had a turn this afternoon again, nurses were fantastic just pray he comes through this for mum xx

Thanks so glad of this site, for support xx

Thanks John xx

So very sorry to hear that sad news, it seemed as though he was doing so well.  I really hope he gets good care and attention.  Thinking of you all.  

Thanks Nic, think that's why it got to me xx

Take care