Neuropathic Pain & Feeling Cold

The neuropathic pain is back in my leg. It comes from nowhere! I have ordered a percussion massage machine, hopefully this will help.

My physio has been on a course on vibration therapy and she says this will help, she has ordered a machine.

Fingers crossed these help.

Also, I have always been nesh. But feel the cold even more now. Anyone else feeling cold more since stroke?

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Yes, I do. My weak left arm and hand feel the cold from the elbow to the fingers even when the weather is not particularly cold.


Hi, yes l’m always feeling chilly even on a day when everyone else is sweating buckets. I was always a chilly mortal even before my stroke but worse than ever now.
Regards Sue

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@a.clare71 yes, I feel cold more too. Think blood thinners may play a part in that.
I hope the percussion massage machine really helps with your pain x

Hi ladies
I don’t take blood thinners, they told me i couldn’t because of the stroke. Does everyone take thinners?

@a.clare71 I thought most people took blood thinners post stroke…but that’s only from talking to stroke survivors. There may be good reasons why you weren’t given them. If you think you should have them I’d ask your GP.

Hi everyone, I suffered a hemorrhagic stroke (bleed on the brain), so I’ve never been prescribed blood thinners.

Regards Sue

Ah maybe blood thinners are for strokes caused by clots. That sort of makes sense to me. I would imagine anyone who should be on them would have been prescribed them.

I agotmore sensitive to all temperature since my stroke. I got colder when it’s cold, and needed the A/C when it’s hot. It eased off in the third year after my stroke. Jeanne.

Shwmae @a.clare71, am quite sensitive to the cold now but in the same breath, if I am physically active, I overheat quickly. I am constantly wearing layers now to regulate my temperature. My experience with neuropathic pain was related to the brand of statins I took. I had awful nerve pain down one leg. Stopped taking the statins. Pain vanished a few days after. Was then prescribed different statins and now only get the occasional reminder pang. Blood thinners or anti-platelet meds are for clot strokes, a haemorrhage stroke is internal bleeding so you don’t want to be taking anti-platelet meds otherwise it would be a real mess. The downside of taking anti-platelet medication for those of us who had clots is that there is a chance of a haemorrhage stroke down the track, but that’s the risk we take, the best of two potential evils.

Im also sensitive to temperature now and wear plenty of layers - usually I’m cold until suddenly I overheat. Belive it or not it was cold enough today on the west coast of Scotland for me to wear a jumper

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Yea, I suddenly overheat, even in the cold and then I get cold again. :woozy_face:

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SOUNDS FAMILIAR :sweat_smile:

Hi Clare since my stroke I feel the cold my feet are permanently cold and my arms and legs. Never seem to be able to get warm.
Never had an electric blanket before but have invested in one.

My nose gets cold too, so an electric blanket would be no good for that -plus I tend to suddenly over heat as well - but it is nice to tuck myself up in an ordinary bed

I too have a cold feeling in my right foot (in which I also get some numbness and a sort of pins and needles feeling) and sometimes my nose, although neither feel cold to the touch.

I also get an odd feeling a few times a day, as ‘though a feather is being stroked down the centre my body, sort of tingly but not in a nice way -
does anyone else experience anything like this?

Are these feelings of numbness, pins and needles etc. all types of neuropathic pain?

I too suffering cold pain on my left side the affected area starts at the back of my head and expands down to my foot, figured it’s a brain issue as pain killers don’t do a lot more do the neuro blockers, guess it’s a time thing, anyone got advice who are further down the recovery path?

Hi what are neuro blockers?

Medicines that chemically affect the brain as part of their design, amiltryptapine and gabapentim, also progabalinwhich target nerve pain but have some not very good side effects and are classified a controlled drug.

Thank you I’ve heard mention of amiltryptapine and gabapentim on here and wondered what they were for - are they ever prescribed for pins and needle type feelings or numbness, or just for pain?