So it's been almost 1 year to the day since I had my ' stroke' . A cerebellum right side infarct - fast forward and in and out of hospital with suspected strokes - I have the same kind of symptoms each time but the MRI is always clear well or so I thought . The stroke consultant after the last episode referred me to a Neurologist. I had a consult with him on the 30th June . His words were I agree with the stroke consultant that your neurological symptoms have nothing to do with your stroke . He continued ( he had a copy of my MRI) you show a great degree of atrophy for a lady of your age and white matter change. This warrants further investigation and will order another brain MRI with contrast along with a spinal MRI .Dont suppose anyone here has had similar ? My GP said it's not unheard of although rare that the stroke diagnosis could be retracted .!!! Looking at the paperwork the Neurologist is checking for Neurosarcoid.