Neurological appointment

So here I am again ..... The Stroke Consultant referred me to a Neurologist as I'm just not myself since my stroke . The neurologist says that my stroke has not/should not give me the symptoms I have . He has ordered a contrast mri of the brain and spine and another million blood tests . Anyone else had this it's not your stroke but something else ?

My husband suffered his stroke last January. Three months after he has burning and tingling sensations including pain down the right side of his body. His stroke was on the left side of his brain. 

Has anyone else suffered this problem and if so what treatment have they had, 

Thanking you all for any advice


Three months after I had the same but left side. I've been told its due to nerve damage and the nerves re routing and firing up again. So it doesn't seem too bad when I think that it is repairing. No luck with treatments though told paracetamol would be OK to take but I don't like to take too many tablets I'm already of 4 other lots. That's enough. So I distract myself reading or pacing about till it goes. Good luck. 

Thank you Bernadette. My husband has been put on medication for it, but the pain and tingling haven't improved. He is trying to get his dose increased. I'll let you know.