Nerve pain

Hi everyone 

I am one of my dads carers , he suffered a massive left sided ischaemic stroke the day after his knee replacement.

He has been through the mill constantly since discharge a year ago. 
my dad has a very weak left arm and can walk now with tripod and assistance all round house which is amazing . He is severely dysphasic and can only say a couple words ( can still sing beautifully though)

we are just struggling just now as he is suffering with pain on his good leg at the bottom buttock - itchy , painful , sore.

I wonder if anyone else has suffered something similar ? Dr told us to try Paracetamol for 2wks with ibrprofen gel ( didn't work) now on co codamol - not doing much and causing constipation and we already have to give him 2 senna a night.

The carers we have in morning said to ask for a stroke  nurse to help with this .

it's just so frustrating for poor dad as he can't just "say" exactly what / how / where ? 
The communication to decipher these issues and resolve them quickly for dad is difficult . 
sometimes you feel like once discharged you are just left and I wish there was a stroke nurse team like DN team that could check up 

thanks in advance