Nerve Pain

Afternoon all

I am 10 months post stroke. Currently on Gabapentin and Amitrypyline for nerve pain. This pain is down my right side. 

I was just wondering how other people manage with this pain. It's been particulary bad this weekend and I havent gone into work today. 

People mean well but someone said to me the other week that they would have thought that I'd be better by now and I should ask for a second opinion. :(

I have put on 2 stone in weight since the stroke, my exercise is limited by the pain. I am trying to be upbeat and careful as to what I am eating etc etc.

I am getting mixed messages as to whether this is going to last forever or if it goes eventually.

Any thoughts appreciated.


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My experience is that many aches and pains will appear post stroke. Mine have  eventually cleared, but not by just ignoring them. I have had a gout flare up (medication to ease that one) sciatica, which hurt, and gentle yoga has sorted that one. And a variety of other stuff. I needed to sift those which were stroke aftermath from those caused by stroke but an injury or illness in their own right.

How I detest people telling me I am now better. Answers can include: Can you actually see my brain or Would you get  better if you had a leg amputated. 

You really are in the early stages.

Impressive that you can get back to work. Very impressive.

Most stroke related ailments do eventually go away. Or at the very least they improve over the months and years.

SF is an exception but you havent mentioned that delight.

I am afraid to suggest that being over weight is something you can not afford to have on board. We need to eat reasonable things and we need to exercise. I weigh myself weekly and that tells me if I am winning or losing. The winter months are worst because i cant do much exercise. I am now perhaps 5lbs over my ideal weight and I am working away at getting that down. +

I have only recently come across the exlanation for some pains in the nerve ends. My guru suggest that the nerve endings were burnt by the stroke. She has shown me how to ease the issue although she hasnt said it would cure the problem.

I dont think I am helping you but hope you realize you arent alone with some of these issues.

I would love to know the basis for that persons comment that they thought you would be better by now. Stroke kills some of our brain cells and they dont regrow. So suggesting you will be better is tosh.

Best wishes

from a grumpy feeling Colin today.

Thank you Colin. I have tried to be careful with what I eat and have spoken to PT, pain and stroke clinics about my weight gain. All have said the tablets I am on do not help with weight gain. It's rather depressing to be honest. 

Any suggestions for other things I can try for the pain would be great as I would ideally love to get off the tablets. 


So sorry to hear of your difficulties. Its a long road to recovery. 

All my aches and pains have eased over the months. I tried to concentrate on one thing at a time, which isnt ideal but I couldnt do two at the same time.

I would like to reduce my medication. My GP is currently checking my situation but so far has added another tablet rather than reduced any. And tomorrow its an ECG. The merry go round goes on and on.

I am lucky enough to be able to do some exercise, mainly gardenning on my veg patches. When the exercise stops then the weight edges up.

Over time, everything does improve. I promise you things do improve.


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