Needing reassurance

Hi everyone. It’s now 6 weeks since mum had her strokes and looking at the big picture I think she is doing ok. I do worry about both her anxiety about recovery and that of my dad who had really been thrown a loop by mums stroke event! He seems afraid about trying to do the ‘normal’in case ….
I feel harsh when I keep saying that there has to be a first time for the ‘new’mum and that one task at once is enough to cope with.
Yesterday they visited and sat in the garden chatting for an hour or so, went home and during tea mum had what I believe was a visual migraine (flashing zig zags- no pain just disturbance) and had to rest for a couple of hours. Just had to try and rationalise this for them.An afternoon of chat, bright sun- result - over tired and migraine. Does that sound a reasonable explanation ? Their confidence has taken such a massive blow. They have a phone appt. With stroke clinic next and I keep stressing that they must not explain the physical effects, but also share their anxiety about recovery and the future. Am I being cruel to be kind in Pushing them to try? Thanks for taking the time.
Mums stroke primarily affected her right eye vision and memory,so physically does she need to be so worried?

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Just been told by my Better -Half, the way she deals with it is to retire to a Quiet darkened room take a Paracetamol and try the best way you can to relax.


@Bev1 those symptoms do sound like a migraine. I used to have very similar a few years back. Flashing zig zags, lasted about 20 mins or so, no pain. If they’re worried they could mention it to the stroke clinic next week. If it hasn’t gone away yet then they should get it checked out sooner.

I can understand them being anxious about trying things. There will have to be a first time for everything though. No harm in pushing them to try but also listen to your mum as she may have symptoms affecting her you can’t necessarily see. 6 weeks is still extremely early in recovery terms.

Keep going. Sounds like you’re all doing well.


@Mrs5K - thank you. The migraine lasted a couple of hours. Mum just closed her eyes and rested till it passed. It’s definitely happened two or three times since stroke, but possibly on a couple of occasions in the time before .
It does seem to be triggered when she had ‘been on the go’ (although not the same scale of activity as prior).

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Hi @Bev1
I wanted to add some information here about migraines after stroke that you and your parents may find helpful.

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@AshleyTH - thank you. I had skimmed this guide before but have now re read the trigger section. It would seem mum had at least three triggers yesterday, anxiety, tiredness and the bright sunlight. Definitely keeping a track of events.


I had visual.migraines for about two years before my stroke.Not had one since,don’t know what that means but pleased as it made me feel so nauseous