Needing advice

Hi guys it's carlene again , I'm just needing some advice, I've started taking sertriline anti depressants,  and I've only taken them for a week , but I thought I was getting better. But I've had a terrible day today feeling like I'm going crazy and really anxious.has this happened to anyone. I'm sorry to keep on I'm really scared. X


Aw Thank you Jane, I will see how I go within the next few days , then I will see my doctor. I hope your well will speak soon x carlene 

Hi Carlene 

Just a short note to say my experience with Sertraline was like Janes and not good. My dose was 60mg (I think) and after 3 days I felt so bad (diarrhoea, shakey, very agitated) I stopped. These symptoms were far worse than the anxiety and mood problems they were supposed to help! My dose could have been too strong but I tried an alternative, Mertazipine which suited me better. Started on 15 mg per day and progressed up to 30mg. I did 4 months on these and they did help my mood and anxiety. As others have said anxiety and depression seem to go hand in hand with stroke so it’s “normal “ to get these feelings. I think some hospital stroke units automatically put patients on this sort of medication. As Jane said you will get the right treatment, stay strong and persevere. Best wishes, Pat

Thank you pat , I've got another bad day today but I'll hopefully get there soon .look after yourself hun x

Hi Carlene,

I don't know if this will help with your depression and anxiety but it is worth a try, together with taking your medication. Why don't you start keeping a journal? I started one when I stayed in hospital in 2017 for 6 weeks and lost my ability to write with my right hand. I persevered writing with my left as long as I can write down my thoughts and feelings - anytime of the day. It helped me deal with all the negatives that was happening in my life but also be thankful for and appreciative of the positives, no matter how small they are. I still find writing in my journal very therapeutic whenever I feel overwhelmed. Seeing my thoughts and feelings in writing really help me deal with them, together  with talking to myself and giving myself "lectures". I might seem crazy but it helps. 

Write down everything then analyse them  and see what you can do about them. Can you deal with things yourself - what can and should you do? Or will you need help - physical, medical, emotional, social, financial? Then who can help you? What can you do to get that help? 

I wish you the best. 


Thank you ruby for your response, I will have a go , hopefully it may help me . Thank you again x

Such a great idea Ruby. Journal or diary keeping is so helpful for some people, takes practice but as its generally a private thing then there should be no pressure, who puts most pressure on ourselves as we go through life? ourselves generally.

I've been privilaged to see a few diary extracts in my time with SA...very powerful tool, particularly when needing a lift or to vent. Great tip!