Neck pain

Morning all,

Hope you can help,i had a stroke 8 weeks ago tomorrow, ive been told im currently doing well each day, but the last week i have had awful pain in the back of my neck, im due an MRI scan tomorrow, to see if the hemorrhage has desolved.
Is this normal as i thought i was doing really well, as well as neck pain im having what i call a Fog Headache.

Thankyou any advice will be much appreciated :+1:


I had my stroke 4 weeks ago tomorrow and i noticed the same thing over the weekend as well. i have got the hospital on Monday and will be asking this question as well. Good luck with your MRI and i hope you get the answers you want.
Take care.

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Thankyou Lorraine,

Wish you well too.

I will mention it tomorrow when i go.


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Hi Neile,

Sorry to hear about your stroke too, heres to a good recovery.
Good luck on Monday wish you well.



Hello. I had a haemorrage over 2 years ago and get pain in my neck quite often! I had a scan recently all was ok. Consultant seemed unconcerned re pain. Could be neuropathic pain which can develop after a stroke or idiopathic (unexplained) pain. Trouble is any pain can be make you think (quite naturally) something is wrong - as I can vouch for! Best wishes.

@kermit69 i wonder if your neck pain could be caused by you moving your head differently post stroke? When i first had my stroke I was “afraid” to move my head too much as I thought it would aggravate my dissected carotid artery. It then caused me neck pain.

Neck pain could also be responsible for your headache.

I would definitely mention it to your dr / when you go for your scan.

Hope it eases soon.

Best wishes.

Ann x

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Hi Neile,

Sorry to hear about your stroke too, heres to a good recovery take care.

Thankyou Ann,

Yea im going to mention tomorrow when i have my Scan, also Drs Friday.

Bev :blush:

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Those were my thoughts. There are so many possible causes. Neuro- or MSk.
Early days. Takes a while for the new normal to emerge. it’s possible to predict things will improve but not certain and different folks will get different gains and strains over time

What is sure is you have to be prepared for things to be up and down and most will but some won’t be explainable


Thankyou Simon,

I think personally because i’d had a few good days, i was thinking i would be back at work within 3 months.

Can clearly see this wont be the case, i need to take each day as it comes.




Scan get results in 3 weeks,Drs next week as they cancelled appointment.

Have a Lovely Weekend

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Yes I get a lot of neck pain which can be very disconcerting and can send you into a spiral of worry as I know too well. I had a scan recently and all was normal. Consultant was unconcerned said was Neuropathic, Idiopathic (unexplained).
I take Amitriptyline for pain. I try and be philosophical when get pain (not easy!) and tell myself I have had it many times before and it has gone away before. Best wishes.


I am always pushing to do more with my arm. I can now use it too help with washing my hair, doing light switches etc

I think a lot of my neck pain comes from the effort of all my muscles being activated on my right when I want to lift my arm nor just the actually needed ones.
After the wrist pain I took two months off exercising it to extend the range of movement and I get less now. I’m still stuff in the neck but less sharp pain

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Hello - sorry to hear your story and that you are in pain. I had a vertebral artery dissection and a stroke in May last year at 45 yrs old. I took myself back to hospital in November as I was in so much neck and head pain. So paranoid about any pain and convinced I’d had another dissection. Scans apparently showed nothing and dr said that if over the counter medicines can deal with the pain I shouldn’t worry so much. Paracetamol did nothing but then started to take the paracetamol with caffeine and that slowly shifted it. As someone else mentioned, reminding myself I’ve had pains in the past does help.


Hi @AnnieL
Sorry to hear about your stroke.
I had a vertebral artery dissection and a stroke in my cerebellum almost 2 months ago.
I know is very early for me but i get constant headaches and some neckpain specially to my left ear and the left back of my nec, same side my artery was dissected.
I get some vertigo since it was my primary symptom and statins (they put me on the higher dose possible even though my LDL is 141) with atorvastatin 80mg and then rosuvastatin 40 seems to get muscle and also neckpain worse. They also put me on clopidogrel for the first 21 days and aspirin for at leeast 6 months
Did statins made your pains worse? I just had a colesterol measurmente last week and LDL is 56 with HDL in 36 which I think is very low.

My neck pain was the cause pf my dissection since I went to multiple neck manipulation therapys which resulted in the dissection and Im learning to live with it for now.

Sometime I take acetaminophen which helps and use a topic gel with diclophenalco to ease the pain a bit.

Did your neck pain resolved over time?

Hope you are a lot better now.
Since you had a dissection two I would like to hear from your experience.

Best to you all.