Nausea And dizziness

I had a cerebral stroke nearly 2 years ago I still feel too sick and dizzy every minute of everyday to get on with any kind of life.Just wondering if anyone else has had these symptoms.Thanks


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CEREBELLAR  stroke ,2 years July !

Hi Lulu , yes similar. Extreme fatigue, dizziness, no nauseous, walk with a stick inside  mostly , back to bed every day midday, for 2 to 3 hours, shower struggle /using fixed chair .

Get very disheartened NO real improvement. I don't know if this is IT .

Looking forward to tomorrow,  mobility scooter along river in Worcester. Can last max 1 hour than sensory overload, almost shuts down brain. Cerebellar strokes I belive compared to main telephone exchange & lots of cables being pulled out ! Interesting to know of your improvement & age ?

Good speaking David. 

Hi David thanks for answering Iwas 56 when I had stroke. I felt like I was doing well until I came home from rehab went into lockdown lost physios had a few bereavements.I now feel worse with dizziness and nausea than when I first came home oh and like you David extreme tiredness