Naughty but nice - chicken pie followed by tasty creamy rice pudding

Specially for @DeAnn

Be warned.
This has salt and sugar, so will horrify some.
(nibble in small quantities, perhaps)

Rice Pudding

I make this in a 20 cm round enamel pie dish which fits nicely into my pressure cooker.
You can scale to your requirements.

Skill level Easy
Makes 4 portions, 2 large portions or 1 huge portion.


Ninja Foodi 15in1 (Any pressure cooker)
Enamel pie dish 20 cm 500 ml capacity from EbayUK


10 g butter
a pinch of salt
65 g uncooked white rice
160 g water

320 g evaporated milk (out of a tin)
35 g granulated sugar


Add butter, salt, rice, water together in the pie dish.
Pressure cook on high for 3 minutes, allowing a natural release.
Break up the cooked rice with a fork.
Stir in evaporated milk, sugar ad mix well
Pressure cook on high for 12 minutes, allowing a natural release.
Air fry for 5 minutes to form a skin.
Serve hot or cold.

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@Bobbi looks delish, but unfortunately i hate homemade rice pudding, much prefer tinned version


@Bobbi looks yum. Might have to invest in a pressure cooker / air fryer.


@Mahoney I wish I could make a huge pan of it and leave it out with dishes and a ladle so anyone could help themselves to a portion.

@Mrs5K We got the more expensive Ninja Foodi 15in1, it is worth the money and was on offer, which does happen occasionally. Because it is multi-functional we use it for all sorts of reasons: to make yogurt, marmalade, rice pudding, stews, roasts, boiled eggs, pies, bread, cake, the list is almost endless. We use it every day now. The energy it uses makes it more efficient than oven or stove top. Unfortunately I get no commission on sales or reward for promotion, but feel it is worth recommending.


Thanks @Bobbi i will look into it & perhaps raid the piggy bank :grin:

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I did a search, the full price is £310 but Amazon UK is discounting that at £249 at this time, a good saving. (£61.00 off list price, free delivery)
Grab one now don’t buy a lesser model, you want the OL750UK it has all the features. Ninja Foodi Max 15in1.
They go quick.


Last night’s Chicken pie dinner.

We will be making that again.

pie by bobbi, photo & trimmings courtesy of Hilary

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That looks like a very tasty dinner @Bobbi :yum::yum:

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It is definitely a keeper.