Namaste from India!

Namaste from India.

I am 50 years male. About 2 months back, Brain stroke attacked me resulting in paralyzing left part of my body. Got few physiotheraphic sessions at home & discontinued.

trying some excersizes through youtube guidance. however still unable to move easily.

Footdrop & balancing body appear to be major obstacles for me to gain back my walking ability.

Also I have vision problems (prior to stroke)

Not sure whether I’d survive. I have been a pessimist due to bitter experiences throughout my past life.

Basically I use a desktop computer. Recently got an android smartphone after the stroke & using it

So, this is brief of my story. Thanking You All.

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Two months is early days of recovery.
Keep moving every muscle and limb, especially those that are not working very well.
Smile smile and smile again. This will help your brain to be cheery and hopefully get improvement.
Be positive, think about what you can do rather than what you can not.
Your brain will, if coaxed a little, carry on repairing for two years and more.
Best wishes

Welcome Namaste. I think if you Google exercises after stroke, you will find quite a few. Please try not to be pessimistic. It is difficult to live with the after effects of stroke, but survivors can improve. It is unfortunate that you do not have access to physiotherapy. Over in the UK you get a certain amount of support but it is time limited and after that we are all left to our own devices.

You do not say how much movement you have. If you have some, try to move what you can as often as you can. Try not to give way to depression. I wish you well.

Exercising is key to recovery. Physiotherapy is quite important if you can get it. During lockdown I couldn’t get to the gym or go swimming and I watched Tara Tobias on her YouTube channel. She covers all aspects of stroke recovery and there are exercises for everyone. Give it a go. It doesn’t matter if you can’t quite do the exercises. Keep practicing and you will improve. Good luck.

Creoso from Wales @mv09, I hope that the forum can provide you with some support and advice. It’s early days on for you, so perseverance and repetition is key. It’s difficult to spot the progression but it is there even if it only the neurones blinking on and off. Lots of physiotherapy can be incorporated into daily activities without support, so whether that is cleaning or dancing to music, it all benefits in the long run.

Namaste, you might find an ankle support useful for your drop foot. There are companies in India supplying these, but how good they are I don’t know.

Let me thank you all the supporters. I’ll reply back soon.
Thank You.

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Hi Namaste Great you joining us, makes us all feel Global! Now’s the time to give that pessimism the boot. Easy for me to say but being positive is the Buzz word on this site. when I left hospital the first advice given was “Accept, Adapt and Adjust. I’m sure this advice is universal. It’s hard for all of us and at times I struggle. Hope 2022 proves better for you. Best Wishes a fellow traveller. Pds


I had thought of being active on this community
, couldn’t …

unable to develop required confidence &
strength even after 4 months of stroke attack

past experiences, present circumstances,
future fears repeatedly striking my thoughts

frequently looking at notes made from all your suggestions
& trying to motivate myself to improve … yet, …

Thanking You

Hi Namaste It’s good to hear from you again. Yes lack of motivation is a topic frequently on this site and my main problem.Don’t know if it’s worse with some types of being stroked?.I find that comparing your self with others on this platform is negative. We are all effected in different ways and you have to take into account what our strengths and weaknesses were before. When I first used this site , could not believe there where survivors working again, driving, running marathon’s, absailing off buildings, climbing hills and much more. Good for them I say. And am leased for them. AAA as they all say on this marvellous site. Accept (it’s tough) Adapt and Adjust. Stay with us and keep posting. Pds

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Welcome mv09. Joining the others on this Forum is not something anyone would choose to do but we are a good lot and you are welcome to share your journey with us. I hope you find a way to come to terms with what has happened.
I’m sure that as time passes you will find improvement in your condition. It is important to relate to what is happening in your life in as positive a way as you can. Difficult experiences in the past could well teach you how to cope. There is much about us that gives us cause to smile. Shun the fears and negative emotions as much as you can.
Please feel free to share on here, we are all going through this experience and there is much to be gained by relating with others.
Hope to see you around much more,
All the best, Bob.

Hi Mamaste good to hear from you again,coming to terms with stroke takes time and staying positive is another battle. On down days I keep calm and list the good things in my life don’t dwell on negatives. First, I survived, yes got some disability , but grateful not as bad as others who use this site, and like you have had some visual problems before being stroked and now lost a bit more! Doctor said “ the good news is it won’t get worse , the bad news it probably won’t get better! “ Had to ‘bite bullet’ there ( are you familiar with that English expression?) Be stoic and accept. Still have enough vision to see wonderful things get by,and keep me out of trouble🤞🏽Doesn’t help to dwell on past, as my wiser sister says,Let it All Go, it’s heavy baggage you can do without. Stay well and positive and keep using this site we are all one family here. Pds