My update

Afternoon everyone,just a lil update on my progress I'm 5 weeks post stroke tomorrow,today had the stroke nurse visit ,she's pleased with my progress as much as personally can't see much difference with myself when she pointed out the things I'm doing now that I couldn't I realise I have progressed ,I have OT tomorrow and my 6 week check soon she's chasing it up also I'm seeing a physiologist to help my anxiety and mind and emotions had the one session and I've got breathing exercises and other things to try which at the moment are helping ...yesterday I drove my car with the prism in my glasses driving was ok but confidence lacking a bit ,but the point I'm making stay as positive as you can and realise even the slightest progress be happy and confident that things will get better the mind is a powerful thing ...pippy ...


well done glad things are looking positive ?

Thankyou ?

Well done. Often we can't see the progress we make, probably because we compare everything to our pre stroke selves. You appear to be doing really well.

Thats good progress at five months, so after five weeks you are going very well.

stroke recovery is slow slow slow.i hope you are keeping a daily diary so you can see the prigress.

my mantra...

be positive, smile smile and smilevagain, you sre not alone


Thankyou John I was really emotional and negative when it happened,and I do have bad days but positive days are becoming more ,I just hope it carries on ...pippy ...

Afternoon yes I've been keeping a diary,don't want to read back just yet I don't want it to put me in a negative place again , smiling is good it puts you in a good place I always say to myself each morning today is going to be a good day ,9 times out of 10 it normally is and if it's not I still say each morning today will be a better day than yesterday ,I've planted some plants today until it rained,have a good evening ..pippy ..

Should be ideal time for planting. Plenty of water and quite warm. I have put in 100 plants in two days. Sweet corn, geraniums, biz liz and petunias.

cant imagine why my back aches.


Lol reckon it's something to do with the planting ...100 is a massive amount ,I've put  lavenders in and chrysanthemums ,decking was a bit slippy from the rain so very cautious but well done to you 

Well done lovely to read such an uplifting and upbeat post.

Keep on keeping on....

Thankyou so much ,x

Nice One it does take time my stroke is 15 days old and while I can talk and walk and even think I thought after a few weeks I would be fine but it could take a bit longer