My two year anniversary

In the early hours of the 24th January 2022 I had a stroke, so two years and in to my third year now
I am left a hemiplegic and walk badly with a stick On reflection I could not have prepared nor prevented this sad day, the only good things to have come from it are less stressed lower no and not working for the dreadful company that in part was the stress cause of my demise.
Year one is reductions in brain swell and coming to terms with the los of everything I ever enjoyed forcing one to reinvent myself.
Still alive hoping for a good enough recovery to enjoy my retirement and unburden my wife and family.

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@mrfrederickson well done on getting to the 2 year point. I think you’ve made some good progress although not as much as you’d like I’m sure.
Here’s to year 3 being the year you wish for.

Ann x

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Thanks one and all this forum has made my journey and recovery that much more bearable.
Year three is full of promise but the real challenge is the brain reconnecting to all the damaged cells, time will tell deep breath, and off we go


Movement wise my left arm is only making movement at the shoulder but the fingers can grip and move ever so slightly but not enough for useful mobility

My left leg is gaining more movement especially micro positioning and can walk badly with a stick , stamina is a real issue but workings to improve this


I am also a left hemiplegic… When I came home from the hospital in February 2021 I could barely get from the bed to the commode 2 feet away… Now I can actually walk down the hall to the bathroom. I thought that I was Feeling things on my left side and I just recently realized that I was learning to make the non-feeling side function opposed to actually feeling things on the left side. I can now feel my butt muscle, my calf muscle, my hamstring and quad I can sort of feel my toes I think , I use the YouTube videos to help my body to heal itself. If you search alpha waves, you can find many to listen to I know that I feel tingles on the left side of my head when I’m listening to the music or the vibration or the frequency of the videos even though the stroke was in the right side of my head, I take it as a sign that the left part of the brain is taking over the parts that the right used to do. I hope this helps and I wish you strength in your recovery.

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Thanks I will check out YouTube, anything to get my left side operating correctly