My Tia stroke

Hi  everyone. I am new to the group and look at the discussions that take place hoping to find someone who has had a Tia stroke that has affected their vision in some way or another. I didn't realize I had had a Tia as I was having problems with anxiety and depression and thought it was my nerves playing tricks on me. It was confirmed after I went to my optician for an eye test and it showed up that my field vision has been affected. I have feelings like being disoriented and frustration when trying to read or watch tv. I accept the problems that are created along with not knowing what the prognosis is and try to take things on a day to day basis. After all that is all I can do really.

Welcome to the forum Eric.

We are nearly all "full" strokes or their carers. We really ought to have a section for TIAs. Many TIAs are recovered from in days and weeks.But there are some that are much more difficult and the discussions by us full strokers might be of some help.

The best thing for TIAs is that you are unlikely to be in recovery for the months and years that most of us encounter. TIAs can however be a warning shot, so medications, diet and exercise need to be given your utmost care.

I understand that different hospitals define TIAs in different ways. My stroke unit determined that they were not transient if symptoms remained longer than 24 hours. I believe other hospitals use different definitions.

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Welcome to the Forum!

Are your opticians dealing with your problems - special lenses or something? 

I hope you get it sorted out, no one likes feeling frustrated reading, watching tv, or just ‘looking’!


Hi, I am fortunate that I had a TIA and not a full stroke.

This site is full of inspirational stories, suggestions and advice from those who had a stroke, or are family/friends of someone who had a stroke. It's worth time browsing through the comments.


Whilst a TIA by definition is temporary, some effects can take quite a while to get over. My main problem is mixing words up, or not being able to find the right word. Only yesterday, I asked my nephew if he wanted extra mushrooms on his hot chocolate! Made a change from suggesting coffee on his chips!


If it is of any help, I wrote about my personal story:


Glad it's not just me lol ,called my commode a modem than a condom, kids thought it highly amusing and teased me for ages ,still mix my words up or find it hard to remember words some times x

After my mother had a Stroke, her dysphasia caused endless amusement to my brothers and sisters. She had a brilliant sense of humour though. She was 76 then and taught herself to read and write. One brother asked if she could spell broccoli. She did it perfectly but he asked her where the ‘f’ was.... yes, she told him,,,,,, much to the amusement of the nurse standing nearby! Poor Mam! But it is so easy to get words mixed up if they begin with the same letter or sound remotely similar.

Thank you for sharing your story. V&J