My test results

i had my stroke in april  could not get my words out kept in over night i was able to come home next day  i had to have tests  done my speech is ok went last wed to see the doctor see said al the results show i have an irregular hearbeat this is what caused my sroke she has put me on eliquis which i take morning and night its scared me at first but feel better now shes told me she said its common and i wont have another stroke as long as i take the tablets eat healthy and exercise has anyone else got this

Hello LynnJenny,

As the Stroke association will tell you, Stroke is a killer - it kills more women now than Breast Cancer. Over 80% of Strokes are caused by blood clots; the rest by bleeding in the brain.

Blood clots can be caused by a number of things:  high cholesterol, high blood sugar (Diabetes), inactivity, blood disorders and a number of heart conditions: fast or irregular heatbeats, leaking heart valves, small holes in the heart (also known as PFO's) and mechanical heart valves.  A blood clot can travel in the body to your brain, where it will cause a stroke, to your lungs, where it can cause a pulmonary embolism (meaning the blood can't get to a lung, so you stop getting oxygen from that lung), to your heart, where it can cause a heart attack.All of these carry a risk of death, so it's a good thing that you are being given a blood thinner.

Anyway, all of that said, before we had the new blood thinners like Apixaban or Rivaroxaban, we were given Warfarin, which can thin your blood much, much more and you would need a blood test every one or two weeks.

After my stroke, due to a blood disorder, I was put on Warfarin for the rest of my life. After 5 years I was moved to Rivaroxaban. I had some side effects on Warfarin but hardly any since the switch to Rivaroxaban. It's now eight years since my stroke (and a Pulmonary embolism) and I haven't had any more clots.

So, relax - this is a good thing - and it should mean no more strokes for you.

A good diet, keeping your weight sensible, no smoking or alcohol, plenty of exercise and keeping an eye on your blood pressure are all good things to help keep you on track.

Take care now,


PS. Make sure you check what you can or cannot take while on this medication - some medicines such as Ibuprofen or Aspirin can cause bleeding, as can some vitamins or supplements such as Omega 3, Vitamin E or Co-Enzyme Q10.

hi this was very helpfull i feel fine again am watching my diet and started going swimming doctor said dont take aspirin or ibuprofen so hopefully no more strokes thank you lynn

Hi - I just want to add to the list of reasons for blood clot strokes in women and that is being on HRT. HRT caused my stroke. I was on it for 28 years following a hysterectomy in my 30's. Much is said and many warnings are given regarding HRT and breast cancer but the only warning I got regarding possible stroke was by reading the instructions. My gyneacologist was more than happy for me to be on it because I was active, normal weight, normal BP and don't drink alchohol or smoke. Strokes (and breast cancer too) don't run in my family so no worries - or so I thought.... I am on blood thinners and a very low dose of blood pressure medication as a precaution.  The blood thinners are the most important tablet of all and I am on asprin 75mg and, thankfully, I tolerate it well. I had to come off Clopidogrel because of the horrendous side effects.  It's quite scary during the first 3 months after a stroke and you can't help but worry if you will have another but as you recover, thankfully that feeling disappears.  Take care x

hi  it is a worry weeks after i was scared am more relaxed as i feel fine my speech is almost normal  but i try not to overdo it as i was getting very tired  and as long as i take my tablets i should be fine i hope your okx