My stroke

I had my stroke on the 1st of March this year started with a sharp pain at the back of my right eye I was in a very remote area so decided to stay local my wife called and couldn’t understand a word I was saying so called a friend who drove to where i was called an ambulance and off to hospital we went I have came on leaps and bounds since that day I had no balance couldn’t walk at all I now get about with my little friend my quadvstick my wife has been an absolute rock three hospitals and seven and a half weeks later I got home what a. Relief I was looked after well but there is nothing like being in my own house have quite a weakness on my left side would not even think about driving I wonder if selling my car would make me feel even more isolated I have booked a holiday to turkey at the end of June no idea how I’m going to get to the airport just another hurdle I guess I have looked into hiring a mobility scooter in turkey so I can get out and about I’m a bit nervous but looking forward to the break I have very little movement in my left arm so I’m hoping the sunshine and the swimming emphasised textpool help that a bit not really had any exercises to help yet I’ve been reading through the site but can’t find any that might help

Sorry to hear about your stroke. I wouldn’t get rid of your car yet, it’s still early days. I’m fortunate that my car is an automatic so not quite as bothersome as a manual. Would be lost without it.
As for your holiday you can get assistance at the airport both ends. I think hiring a scooter would be a good dea if you can’t walk far. Tahoe care

Thank you for your answers

Welcome to our forum. You are in the very early stages of recovery. Your planned holiday shows your determination to overcome barriers. It will be difficult but you will do it. I went on a short break a month after I came out of hospital.I felt I had to do it or never goon holiday again. Please remember improvement is slow. I would advise as much physio and exercise as possible and to try and stretch yourself walking. I graduated from frame to wheelchair and then to stick. After six years I use a stick outdoors but not indoors. I also go to three active seniors exercise classes a week.I wish you all the best.

@Briansmith1962 sorry to hear of your stroke.
I have just returned from a holiday & had all the same anxieties about travelling that you do. I booked assistance at airport & whilst I limited what I did whilst away I still got out & about a little bit.
I did do my exercises in the pool & found this worked well & I made some progress in just a week.
I’d say go & enjoy your hols. It will ge good for your wellbeing. Just put a few measures in place to make it that little bit easier. One thing I never thought about was making sure there was a walk in shower in your room. Im not able to get in a bath. I never gave it a thought but thankfully the room had one.

Briansmith - You are very early- in terms of stroke recovery. Don’t make any major decisions just yet, like selling a car. I was totally paralyzed on my left side. I couldn’t “think” about trying to drive either, much less walk. Went from wheelchair to walker to quad cane, to regular cane, to no cane. Several months later, I was driving. During those early months , I would have needed a mobility scooter for any major vacation, as well. Intense physical therapy in the hospital helped a lot. 3 hours a day for 3 weeks. Rehab 2 times a week after I came home for about 5 months. Rehab, repetition and time is the answer. Hope you have a great vacation and great success with your recovery. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne

Be gentle with yourself. I would suggest not making any big decisions just yet e.g regarding car. If you want to return to driving, it would be advisable to have a driving assessment. Tell your insurance company, you may be able to get a rebate n while you’re not driving, and also disclosing your condition or not may affect your cover, take your time to get advice.
If you’ve got an automatic you’re in a good position. There are many adaptations that can be done if you have one sided weakness. I kept my car for a couple of years post stroke and had it adapted for one handed driving. I did ok for a while but had what I thought was a minor scrape with a roadside fence when taking a left turn too tightly the car was written off as the insurance company refused to repair it. I was don’t drive now, I wasn’t enjoying it much, so don’t miss it.
You are in very early days of recovery and sounds like it is going really well for you. It is a slow process, depending on how you were affected, all strokes and recovery trajectories are different and you’ll get a range of perspectives from this forum. Up to you in the end. I wish you well, you sound very positive. Like you the support of my family was absolutely crucial especially in those bewildering early months.
Very best wishes

Shwmae @Briansmith1962, sorry to hear you have joined the stroke clan, but impressed you are going on holiday. The first year of my stroke, my family had to go on holiday without me :woozy_face: but I think this year I am looking to go somewhere local, or possibly going to Portugal to see my aunt. I live rurally, and gave up driving. I wasn’t all that keen on it and would normally walk or cycle to the village, or catch public transport if going further afield. However, I am now awaiting to get a Citroen Ami through the motorbility scheme as I fancy being able to zip down to the shops when I please. It’s just like an oversized mobility scooter but with doors.

I don’t know if it is harder being rural and stroke bound. I sometimes think if I lived in a more urban environment, it may be harder because of all the visual and auditory noise. Then sometimes I think it may be easier because the social stimulus would help keep the brain distracted. I talk to my cats, pigs and bees a lot. My cat Daisy, fortunately, is a very chatty cat. Well, to me anyway.

I reiterate what the others have said. It’s early days.
Pool-based exercises are brilliant. See if you can get some hydrotherapy sessions at your local hospital (or nearest with those facilities). Anything water based is great, whether it’s swimming up and down, walking lengths, using a float and flippers, aquarobics etc.
Also, have a look at the ARNI website Welcome to the ARNI Stroke Charity website for stroke survivors and families: providing specialist rehabilitation and exercise support after hospital and community physiotherapy finishes. | ARNI
They have a lot of useful info on there and I am lucky enough to have the luxury of an ARNI trainer to put me through my paces every other week.

I’m glad things seem to be going well for you I am also rural and public transport is expensive and unreliable so it’s not ideal the kids stay a fair bit away and public transport is not an option for visits the grand children constantly ask when they will see me

I had a stroke 15/8/19 left side wiped out by a clot in my right hemisphere. I had two spells in hyper intensive ward & the clot buster drug
Being a very keen gym goer I got back with me wife’s support on 5/9/19 to the gym for a few exercises then into the pool where I am at home. I can’t recommend the pool enough. I had to sit & rest @ least four times between the car park & change rooms. I learnt to breathe again by swimming so how ever you can get in a pool.
We drove to Spain via France in October that year with me driving a couple of hours each day. I was 68 @ the time so don’t give up. We drove again this year once we were allowed due to covid rules.Three years on I can do most things although not as I could but non the less it’s better than the alternative of not being here to see my daughters & 10 grandchildren growing up. Hang on in there & enjoy every day.

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Wow @prlblue That’s impressive progress. Noted about the swimming. I assume your continence was fine and one less thing to worry about.
As for @Briansmith1962 - also impressive. In my brothers case (he’s 67, full left side immobility) we are worried about ‘fit to fly’ and after 6 months only just managing to get out in a wheel chair from time to time. A mobility scooter could be a liability at this point, and a helper is definitely needed.
Agree don’t sell your car yet. If automatic and you get to be able to transition into it OK, maybe it will be liberating.
I am not sure what you have to do to show fitness to drive though. Who do you have to inform and who decides you are safe to yourself and others?

It took a while to learn to go to the toilet before I went out as suddenly I would need to wee. Not helped by blood pressure medication with a diuretic.
I believe once you contact DVLC they advise what you need to do re license.
In Spain you can hire wheel chairs or better still electric buggies. Even double buggies.
Never been to turkey I expect the larger centres offer them.
My wife & I have done many saga holidays to South America, Spain & Italy. They are brilliant with disabilities. You can get special 4 weeks for 3 all inclusive @ many places. Well worth looking into. I am fully mobile so we drive too Portsmouth sail to Santander the. Drive down to the Costa Blanca for 3 months January to March .
Brain fog is now the biggest issue along with fatigue.