My stroke

Hi everyone I had my Stroke 5 months ago still have problems with my left leg and balance. Is this normal,?
also my ankles get very swollen by the end of the day
I have not had any check ups at the hospital, only a letter to say my heart monitor found the heart was ok.
I cannot believe they have not checked that the clot has gone, I had some physio but that is all. Getting to see your Gp is very hard.
Hope someone cam help me.
Thank you
Dolla xx

Welcome Dolla. I’m afraid follow up support after stroke us very hit and miss. Much depends on the health authority. My post stroke support in terms of physio up here in Worcestershire was very good. I also had a visit from the district nurse. Generally speaking, the clot will have been dealt with in hospital and the right medication should prevent any further one. Nothing,of course, is in fallible. I am lucky in that I can get to see a gp, but demands in their time are ridiculous. Is it worth phoning you gp surgery and trying to see a practice nurse so you can voice your concerns?PS Keg and balance issues can go on for a long time. I go to three exercise classes a week to improve mine.

Thank you John
It was very kind if you to reply
I have purchased some exercise classes and try to do at least twice a week. I also walk regularly with my zimmer.
I will try and get a gp appointment after Easter.
Thank you again. Dolla xx

H Dolla, it is normal after 5 months to still have problems with balance and leg. As I mentioned on my reply to you on my other post I too have similar issues at the 5 month point.
It does appear to be very hit and miss with the after care though. Not sure where you are on the country but when I left hospital I had the Early Supported Discharge Team visit me at home for 6 weeks. They then referred me on for further physio and occupational therapy which I have weekly and is still ongoing - although the OT has been redeployed for a bit now due to Covid. I have also had a 6 week consultant follow up. I had the heart monitor too and have had blood tests done but only because they picked up some abnormalities in my blood. I’ve had no checks to see if the clot has gone. I think they make an assumption that the blood thinners sort that. I would try and get in touch with either your GP or the stroke consultant to find out why you’ve had no follow up. You could be on a long waiting list……but that doesn’t help with your recovery.

Shwmae Dolla @Butcherd01, what’s normal after stroke seems to be very much centred around the individual, although many symptoms are similar, the way the body and brain responds to them seem to be individualistic. Five months is very early on in stroke recovery, I shuffled for a year before I could walk properly. The brain and the body need to get reacquainted again. As far as I know, from my own experience, once the stroke is over, the clot has cleared. I had no medical intervention at the time of my stroke. I had six TIAs over three months, and a major stroke, all clots, and then I woke up and have been treated on symptoms only. The key is preventing another clot if there is an underlying reason for the first one.

Hi, thank you so much for helping me. I thought that I should be doing better than I am. I am walking a little further with my zimmer, but cannot walk too far without my stick.
I do get very tired, and try to exercise.
Thank you again and hope that your recovery goes well. Dolla x

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