My ‘Stroke’

I had a Stroke in My right basal ganglia, Thalamus in June 2016. I was 46.
I was in hospital for 3 weeks, I couldn’t walk or talk, I then went onto rehab for 6 weeks, then Occupational Therapy and Physio for 4 months. I feel I had exceptional care/ after care! I lost my driving license for 1 year.
I suffer post Stroke seizures and see a neurologist. I take 400mg lamotrigine a day. I am not allowed to bathe when nobody is home. I also lost my driving license again. I have to be given an injection by paramedics to bring me out of a seizure.
I also suffer severe post stroke nerve pain, the medication I take 2400mg gabapentin per day, 50mg amitriptyline, 50mg nortriptyline, Ralvo medicated plasters, Diazepam 2mg 3x day, Oxy-norm 5 ml 4xday. C-codamol 2x 500mg upto 4x daily, although this gives me gastric pain I take Omeprazole 40mg daily. Other meds I take are Ramipril 5mg, amalodaphine 10mg, Doxazosin 1mg all for blood pressure. Clopidogrel 75mg, Advorastatin 40mg, Clonazepam 500mg for myocolinic jerks. I can’t trust my left hand from dropping things and have smashed many mugs!
 I have to have alarms and post it notes to remind me to take my meds.
I see a pain management clinic and am being referred for magnetic brain therapy, which will hopefully tell my brain to turn off my pain signals from my Thalamus in brain. Its hard to explain pain to someone that can't relate to it, other than bashing their elbow or stubbing their toe. I also suffer great fatigue. I haven’t left my home alone since my stroke due to severe anxiety, I feel safe in my home, I won’t even step out of the front door to go to my bins. When I’m walking I wobble after a few steps and I feel that people walking behind me may think I’m drunk. I get nervous in supermarkets if I’m packing and there is a queue behind me at the checkout. I have made so many 'Stroke' friends as they understand fully what you talk about, more than friends or family. 
I’m happy to answer any questions you might have ?


Dear Gail

You are a fighter. Do keep it up. You make me feel a very lucky man as I dont have a fraction of your problems. And right now I am huffing and puffing because its time to organize a weeks medication, which is eight items per day, and reading your post makes me feel privilegd to have got away so lightly.

I was December 2015 and by the time the stroke got you, my speech was OK and I could walk and do a few things round the house and garden. And drive for short distances.

It is such a nice thing, that you are offering to help others.

As you say, only another SS understands.

Best wishes


Hi Gail.

You have got it tough haven't you. And you seem to be coping with all of it.

I too wobble when I walk and it must look like I am drunk to a stranger. I have two half hour walks a day, one with my partner Carl, and I hold his hand and don't wobble as much. My stroke arm reacts severely to noises and my balance is rubbish, I can't look up without stopping, but when I am with Carl I can do almost anything.

I would urge you to to try and go out, even if it's to the bins. The amount of confidence you will get will make it something to strive for. Then, the more you can do the better you will feel. Baby steps will be huge strides.

I agree, only other stroke survivors understand what we mean. That's why I like coming here and reading everyone's stories, there is always something someone says that I can relate to.

Take care, please try to go out by yourself. And ignore the people in the supermarket, rudeness is disgusting.

Love Julie.


Thank you Julie x

Thank you Colin x

what a lot you are having to put up with I sympathise greatly it makes me feel guilty about the things that get me down. I havent got half as much as you. Just try to think positive you will improve and we are all here for you. Best wishes and love Norma.

Thank you Norma. Please don't feel guilty about anyone's situation. We all have our crosses to bear however minimal, it all impacts our 'NEW' lives x

Dear Gail,

I am here looking for support.


My anxiety is taking the best of me.

My mum had stroke on Friday . Doctor aid her BP wa high and we never knew. She had mri done yesterday and result shows it was a bit severe to her left brain. She is still in between sleep and on oxygen. It’s been 5days now. I am so worried . She has not been speaking since Friday . We don’t know when she will be off oxygen. I m so worried and scared . Does it take so long to be off oxygen?

Hi Lsly

unfortunately there is no way of knowing a recovery time scale after a stroke. I know so many stroke survivors that have been affected in so many different ways. x

Hi Julie,

 I thought I'd just give you a catch up to see how you are getting on?

gail x


how are things going with you?

gail ?

Hi Colin,

how are things going for you?