My Stroke

Hi everyone just thought I’d post up my stroke experience to see if anybody is experiencing similar after effects to me!

I’m 50 years old had multiple TIA’s affecting my left cerebellum and partial brainstem I was a cyclist doing approximately 120mikes a week at a decent pace got home after a 30mile ride at the end of June had a dizzy spell at the top of the stairs at home just thought I’d ran up the stairs a bit too quick! So thought I’d have a lie down that’s when it all kicked off!!

Room was spinning and I had a severe headache at the base of my skull! Got treated for vertigo initially as showed no other symptoms but over a period of 6 days I developed a new symptom each day by the time I got admitted to hospital I couldn’t balance struggled to talk and swallow.

on medication now for the rest of my life so frustrated and angry!

There are times I feel really low wallowing in self pity I suppose! Ive been left with some very slight weakness down my right hand side also my skin is hyper sensitive down my right hand side feels like sunburn all the time!  Get very tired as the day goes on!  Still not back to work yet 

Feel really disappointed I’ve been told I will not be able to cycle at my previous intensity....don’t feel like cycling anyway!

I had my TIA at 50 while watching a World Cup match on TV. Came out of nowhere. Here's how I describe it:


Very interesting read thanks for sharing!

i feel very worried about returning to work too not sure if I’ll be able to do my job! (Automation Engineer!) I work in a team of 6 the others have assured me not to worry but the last thing I want to be is a burden! Won’t know until I return how I will be affected!

i know I had a bit of a melt down recently helping my 12 year old son with maths homework, wife was watching tv in the kitchen and the oven alarm was going off all at the same time!

i lost had to get out of the room very quickly felt I was about to burst out in a rage! I’ve never been like that before it was scary!

only time will tell how I’ll cope