My Stroke Story

Hi everyone, I was looking forward to a day trip to Brugge (Belgium) 4 weeks ago. Sightseeing,good food,drinks and a cigar or two,and of course Belgium Chocolate. What should have been a pleasant day has now undoubtedly changed my life for ever! The first signs of my stroke started around 4:00am Saturday morning,(18th August 2018). I could tell straight away something was wrong, I took paracetamol at first, then some Veganin (for my Migraine symptoms),as occasionally I do suffer with the odd one or two Migraines.The Stroke symptoms for me was like having a bad Migraine, pins and needles in my face,hands, bad vision and slurred speech. So I thought, here goes another Migraine! Usually when I take my tablets these symptoms completely  go within the first hour. But not this time! I started having trouble with my walking, I could hardly support my own weight, this had never happened to me before. But I had my day trip booked and payed for, couldn't miss the trip! I'll tell you all about my nightmare in my second blog to follow soon.   


Thanks Brugge.  I will look out for your post.

Take care.