My stroke so far

I’m not sure when I had my stroke it was either July 2017 when I woke with a horrendous headache and was treated at hospital for high blood pressure, or it was in February of this year when I woke up in a confused state and was treated for a UTI for several weeks until I had an MRI scan, because I had tinnitus, which showed an old Lacuna Infarct. Since then I feel like I’ve been on a rollercoaster ride trying to get some treatment and someone to make some sense of it all for me ( which still hasn’t happened). I don’t have any physical weakness from the stroke it’s more day to day loss of memory and feeling depressed in a morning and very emotional when I meet someone I know. I was sleeping badly and finding it hard to cope when I was awake but that seems a bit better now I am taking antidepressants at night which helps with my sleep pattern, although I’m still not great in the morning I get better as the day goes on. 

I’ve read a couple of posts from others who have had a lacunar stroke so maybe we can help each other.

Dear Mum2two

So sorry to learn of your difficult situation. 

I had a right lacunar stroke in December 2015. It was unmistakable as I was paralysed whilst sleeping.

I was in hospital for just 5 days, MRi scan showed a small infarct. My wife was willing to care for me and we live in a bungalow with toilet adjacent to bedroom. So I was discharged at just 5 days then had a whole team of excellent nurses, doctors, counsellors and physios who came to my home for six weeks. So at the end of the six weeks I was recovering. I had my written diagnosis. I was in touch with my GP. There was a three month review at hospital, by the consultant. Then a six month review by a clerical assistant. I am telling you all this because I think you might need to see where you stand on the NHS procedures. They do however vary from area to area.

So a diagnosis is the first thing you are missing. Your GP staff might be able to give a copy of the diagnosis.

We all have different strokes,  no two are the same. There are lots of common factors. 

Paralysis doesnt always occur. It depends on which part of your brain is damaged. 

The cognitive stuff varies a lot. Depression is common. Emotionality is common. And many other features likewise. Hearing and vision issues are common. And language issues.

It is not surprising that, at about 7 months, you still have depression, poor sleep, emotionality and loss of memory.

You can ease all these things, I take them one by one.

There is no cure and probably no treatment. Part of your brain, however small, is dead and it will not regrow. But that same brain is marvellous and it will rewire around the dead bits (neuroplasticity). You can then lead a new life.

I would urge you to contact any local stroke groups (again your GP staff should help) and go to some of their meetings.

It was pointed out to me, quite correctly, that if we go to sleep with stroke tiredness then we wake up with it. Might partly explain your issues in the mornings.

Lacunar are areas deep inside the brain.

I am sure you have picked up on the need to rest. So much rest is needed. 

And its only you who can effect recovery. No one else can do it for you. 

Recovery has two speeds. Slow and very slow.

Well I think I have hurled too much info at you so I will wish you well.

Be positive.

Smile four times a day.

You are not alone. lots of us are here willing to help.


Hello Colin, 

I thought I would update you on how things are. I found from my MRI scan that I had a lacunae infarct in the left basal ganglia which explains a lot of the way I’ve been feeling, emotional etc. The stroke has effected my short term memory most of all which I find quite hard to  come to terms with, I can remember things from years ago but ask me something from a couple of days ago and I’m often lost. I’m still not good in a morning but am sleeping better which helps a lot. 

I hope things are ok with you.

Best wishes


Dear Ann

Sleep is the second most important thing for us to get right. (BP is the first). So I am delighted that you are doing well on the sleep front.

Your diagnosis of infarct left lacunar does make sense. At least you know what you are dealing with. Your age will be working for you as it does seem younger people often recover better than us oldies. 

The memory losses are odd arent they. Some things just disappear from my data banks. Its so easy to upset people by forgetting what they said last week, but we ecant do much about that.

I had a good night last night and sure enough, I have gotten a lot done today. Shopping and gardening. And Saturday is take away night so I am off to the chippy for skate and chips. And a glass of white wine.

I will then drink extra water on top of the extra water that our injured brains need.

Best wishes