My Stroke, Part 5

Hello everyone,

well here I was in the general  ward sharing my accommodation with two other elderly  stroke survivors that didn't understand any English at all, I did try my basic schoolboy French on them,but they just gave me blank looks. I later found out that Brugge is in two parts,the French Flemish Part and the Dutch Flemish part, of course the hospital was in the Dutch Flemish part, just my luck! Being in the general ward meant you could wear your ordinary clothes and you didn't have to wear that flimsy hospital gown all the time(thank goodness!)Now I could try and walk up and down the corridors without showing my butt all the One thing I did notice,where were all the clocks? Not that I had any impressing engagements to attend, but there wasn't a wall clock anywhere in sight, how strange? It made it difficult to know the meal times and the visiting hours and my time there seemed to drag even longer. I must of been one of the youngest stroke patients there, or at least I looked fairly Everyone else must of been in their 70's or 80's , made me feel quite juvenile. The rare highlights of the week was when the air ambulance (helicopter)landed in the hospital grounds. Everyone came to look, even the nurses and doctors ( like no one had ever seen a helicopter in their

It didn't seem to matter what duties  they were doing,they'd leave the patients and rush over to the windows and point. It was mentioned to me that a private ambulance might have to be organised to take me back through the tunnel.Well after all what's another 1,000 or so Euros! I mean, the bill must be touching 20,000 by now,if you include my life saving op!

next time,my early escape.