My Stroke, Part 2

Hello everyone, I caught the coach at 6:0am and went through the tunnel to Calais, I was still feeling pretty rough. I managed to grab a cup of coffee, but I couldn't hold it down, (luckily I didn't have a full breakfast!).with their time 1 hour in front, the coach arrived in Belgium just after 12:00 pm, giving us until 5:00pm to walk round Brugge. I couldn't actually get up or walk, so I was helped off the coach. By this time, I knew and so did everyone else, that I was seriously unwell. Thanks to the coach driver it didn't take too long for the ambulance to arrive. What happened next is another story, me thinking will I make it back at 5 for the coach. Well no,I didn't, I spent one week there after my op. At first the ambulance took me to the wrong hospital, where they thought I was having a heart attack! No kidding, I was plugged up to various machines to monitor my heart. Most of the medical staff can speak English, and it was shouted out, "he's having a stroke "as you can imagine I was wondering how serious it was and was I going to make it? They sent me for a MRI scan, so they could identify where  the problem was. Then I went straight into surgery. you can imagine,I was so confused. A mask was placed on my face and I was put out for the op. Remember this all started at 4:00 in the morning and it was around 2:00 in the afternoon (10 hours!). Not good.what happened when I came round? That's a story for another day.