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Hi all, I had a Stroke on 6th June 2023. I had an MRI which showed I had Multiple small acute right sided infarcts, the largest involving the right precentral gyrus. I then had a carotid Doppler which showed some signs of thinning and was then sent for a CT scan with dye. I went back to see the Stroke consultant on 24th July 2023 who informed me that my right sided Carotid is 70% blocked ( the side I had my stroke on) and the left sided is 90% blocked. I am now waiting to hear from a Vascular surgeon to see where to go from here. The Stroke consultant did mention a carotid endarterectomy. I am 64 years old and the Stroke has not left me with any paralysis down my left side, I just keep getting some tingling and numbness, also having some vision problems with my left eye. Just hope if I have to have the endarterectomy they can get it done soon.


@Ford58 Hi & welcome to the forum although sorry you’ve had cause to join us. Hopefully your vision issues & tingling & numbness will settle in time.

Lets hope you don’t have to wait too long to see the vascular surgeon.

Watch out for stroke fatigue & rest up when you need to.

Wishing you all the best.

Ann x



I am sorry this has happened to you. I hope you will find much good help here as I have. I also hope you have great medical and home help as well. My brain is tired today, so my words are not coming to me as I would like but I look forward to seeing more of your progress and hearing from you in the forum.


Sorry you had this terrible thing happen.
I took am new but my stroke was in '97
I wasn’t spoke to live and did have events afterward.
I had a nasal ganglia vestibular event with 8 bleeds in my circle of Willis.
I lost vision in one eye for a week, my ability to swallow and couldn’t walk.
The only reason I survived is bull headedness.
No one was going to put a feeding tube in me. As a former aerobic instructor and bodybuilder that danced all the time is why I am walking now. It took me a year and I am slow but I use a crutch and walk.
I don’t like the " boy you are doing well so it must have not been bad"
No one can possibly know the pain we have and just how tired you get not to mention anguish of “is it going to happen again?” Also why did this happen!
Don’t I wish I knew why? Sometimes even doctors don’t know. Mine couldn’t understand why and here I am going into my 26yr!
I guess I must keep remembering I have things to do yet. My perspective on life sure has changed.
Blessing and prayers to all. You all are in my thoughts and prayers.


Thanks for sharing your story, they will have to decide if surgery is needed or not or what are the risks. I wish you all the best with recovery and future care. Kind regards Kusal


Hi ford, with nearly 900 posts read you must know the drill here :slight_smile:
I’ll just say welcome and good luck

Welcome. You describe a journey that has similarities with many many of the descriptions of other people’s journeys. Seems you have more experience time wise than many of us here but you mentioned many of the themes that are recurrent in the posts that people contribute to this forum .

I hope you both find the support here - which is empathetic, knowledgeable, tolerant, visceral broad lived experience and pockets of deep understanding - useful in your journey of life after stroke



@pherigosherryl9 just wanted to say hi & welcome to the group. Good to hear your determination paid dividends. I’m sure your 26 years of experience will help many of us who are not as far along the road.

Beat wishes



Hi, so sorry to hear of your stroke but welcome to this forum. We are a merry band of stroke survivors. There is always someone here who can offer some advice and words of wisdom. Hopefully you won’t have to wait too long to see a vascular surgeon. I wish you well and look forward to hearing from you.

Take care and try to rest when you need to.

Regards Sue


Hi Ford58. I’m now73. I had my stroke on 1st June and was in the stroke unit for 2 weeks. Like you I was found to have 70per cent stenosis in the right carotid, although my other arteries are ok. I do have body weakness on my left side from the stroke. . This is what happened to me. I was discharged after 2 weeks from the stroke unit and referred to vascular for surgery assessment. They immediately repeated the scan to confirm stenosis then.offered me endarterectomy on my right carotid which was successfully completed on the 4th July. They should do the same for you despite you having no paralysis because your stenosis lies between the guidelines of 50-70 per cent. I guess they might also offer you surgery on the left as well because the surgery is preventative in nature. Good luck. Don’t worry, I’m sure they will offer the endarterectomy and please don’t hesitate in accepting.

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Hi @Strings thanks for the information, I have been referred to the Vascular dept at Derby, I thought I would of heard something by now. I did have some paralysis on my left side but it didn’t last long. Yes I will have both done if they offer it. I did read that if you have had a stroke and the stenosis is over 50% they do suggest an endarterectomy. All the best to you.