My story

Hi all, took a stroke due to pfo 5 months ago. Not what I expected to happen at the age of 18. From planning on going on a night out to waking up the next morning stepping out of bed and collapsing it’s crazy how quickly things can change.
It’s taken until now to join this group and I think it will be helpful in seeing that things that I’m feeling is normal and not just stroke like symptoms.
Between random pains shooting through my head, sore eye sockets although I’ve been told my eyes are perfectly fine and having a different type of ENT infection every month ever since the stroke which I find unusual.
It’s hard getting back into the normal swing of things while awaiting the pfo closure which was supposed to be in march but with the backlog in everything I’m just sitting about waiting it’s been quite a weird few months.


Sorry to hear that, Orla

especially at your young age. Eyes are delicate, and tap into different parts of the brain, indeed they are an extension of the brain. Sore eye sockets will not be understood or diagnosed by a professional (my guess) , and I’m afraid a certain amount of unknown / unclassified eye problems are caused by stroke. Hopefully it will settle in time. Let us know what you discover that soothes it…

good luck, ciao, Roland


@orla3333 that’s certainly young to be having a stroke but it really can strike at any age. Just when you’re meant to be out having loads of fun you end up having to rest & recover instead.

I think you’ll find when reading through posts on here that there are many random unexplained symptoms & I found it good to know that it wasn’t just me that had them.

Hope you don’t have to wait too long for your PFO closure.

Best wishes



Hi Roland and Ann, thanks for your responses. Honestly i haven’t came across much that helps with the eye pain other than trying to sleep it off. But from everything I’ve read it bust just be all the nerves and muscles in my body causing all the random pains everywhere. Everyone says It just takes time which is completely true, looking back at how I was a few months ago I noticed improvement every week in what I’m capable of doing now. It’s comforting and reassuring seeing that everyone relates.


Shwmae @orla3333, it’s a bit like having the chain come off a bicycle while pedalling uphill, but your brain is still very much maturing, and will up until the mid-twenties, I believe, so creating alternative pathways is key, but allow your brain to rest, it’s tempting to tackle everything head-on but it does need that balance to avoid over-strenuous mental and physical activity which will slow down its progress. I had a cerebellar stroke at forty-four, at the time, many people would say, “You’re too young to have a stroke”. It’s strange, thinking back, had I told them that I had had a brain injury, they wouldn’t probably wouldn’t have made that remark.