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hi I’ve not posted before. Im 49 yrs old and I was found unconscious at home in December and ended up in hospital for 8 weeks with a haemorrhage which has affected my short term memory and eye sight as still have blood behind it, I know things could have been much worse but still feel down. I don’t feel like the same person and worried it will happen again😞


Hi @Bubsy1 & welcome to the forum. Sorry you’ve had cause to join us but hopefully you’ll find it a great place to be.

It’s very natural to feel down after a stroke. Sounds like you went through a lot. It’s normal to be worried about having another too. Hopefully you are on medication to reduce the risk & all you can do is live as healthily as you can to reduce the risk further.

Recovery is a slow process but things should get better. If feeling down is getting too bad or not getting better speak to your GP as they can help. You could also discuss your concerns with the stroke team.

Wishing you all the best.


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Thanks Ann, I think people expect you to bounce back to normal


Thanks jane, some days are better than others, I’m going back for check up scan next week. I was also used in a new drug trial so waiting to hear from them which is keeping me motivated

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Best of luck! Carole :slight_smile:

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Quite normal the fear of another stroke but over time it tends to go. Think for me it was about six months, the acceptance, adjustment and adaption also takes a bit of a time to come to terms with. I’m two years on now and there’s improvements all time. I sometimes can’t see it but others can.


Hi @Bubsy1 welcome to the forum :smile: Naturally you are feeling down and worried, that was quite a shock to experience and takes a while to get over. We can only hope it will never happen again and keep our minds active and distracted to prevent dwelling on it. With time and practice this it you will stop worrying and focus more on the here and now because that’s all we ever can do…apart from keep taking the tablets :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You’re memory will most likely improve with time and exercise. In the mean time make lists to combat short-term memory loss and do some simple memory exercises:

10 Brain Exercises to Help Boost Memory | Everyday Health
I forgot to take my weekly shopping list with me today and I actually managed to remember everything on it. I couldn’t have done that 2½yrs ago so I know my memory has improved again. With tasks I stick to 3 at a time to contain in my head, anymore than that I’ll make a list. Names have always been a problem for me to remember, but when I remember the rule of 3 I use it…saying the name 3 times; in the course of conversation with the person works best. It’s just a matter of stamping it into your head. Over the course of combating my stroke I’ve learnt so many new skills and hobbies, made so many new friends, heck I’ve even learnt to play dominos and boules :smiley:

Greetings @Bubsy1
Welcome to the best club nobody volunteers to join. “Best” because the folk here ‘get it’ in a way that the medical staff and even the family won’t.
You’ll see the understanding and the parallel stories from which you might seek some comfort when you read more posts than your profile suggests you have so far :).
You’ll read in them that you’re worries and fears are shared by a lot of folk. they do happen sometimes but very rarely prove to be founded (and in those cases are generally based on some underlying identified cause). As others above alluded to you’re in a much better position now because you’re on meds designed to prevent another and you’re aware of the risk factors that influence your health.
It’s not easy but worrying about having a stroke won’t speed your recovery, won’t improve your quality of life, won’t reduce the likelihood, and won’t prevent one SO IF you can, stop worrying. Ways to stop worrying are to keep up with your meds, seek counselling if you feel it is relevant to your needs, record and celebrate your wins and share them. Your profile doesn’t say anything about the support you have from family , and you’re part of this family now so you’ll get support here whether or not you have got it from elsewhere. in any case draw on all the supports available!

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Welcome to the forum @Bubsy1 and sorry you’ve had cause to join.

I hope you will find lots of helpful advice and encouragement here.

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Hello @Bubsy1. Please believe you are still you. For me nearly 2 years on ( stroke at similar age, 50), because of my cognitive problems, this is what I struggled with most.
I am still finding strategies to compensate for my memory issues and work on my confidence because it’s all linked as far as I can piece together.
I’ve achieved far more than at my lowest points thought ever possible and continue to work on new goals. Have faith in you and visit this site for help, information and reassurance that what you are going through is normal in our new worlds. Julia x


Hi @Bubsy1, welcome to the site, it’s full of great lovely people here. My stroke has affected my memory as well but as for both of us it’s still early days.
I totally understand you not feeling like the same person. Just give yrself time.
Hugs Bear