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Hi everyone . I had a stroke 23 spetemeber 2022 to the left cerebellar hemisphere ,right occipatal sulcus and right cerebellum and as an added bonus Bilateral PE’s. Although at first the doctors did no Xray’s as they said it was just a Migarine Aura, apparentley the symptoms are the same as a stroke, worst headache ever, weakeness on the left side , face numb and uneven, speech slurring unable to hold/retain any information, even trying to walk was a big issue as well as the falling ? .I t was only an Ex paramedic working as a Consultant on the ward that examined me ,had the doctors give me an MMR which revealed the extent of the stroke! and the so called chest infection. I was then treated with Clot busting drugs. I was in hopsital for 15 days and was realeased into the care of the Live well team . 10 day later I was back in hospital with acute Bilarus sepsis and acute Hepatists E ! ( apprently they were aware that my liverblood test were greatly elevated/ out of range before I left hospital after the stroke.! ) so therefore my physio was delayed somewhat. My physio started over again rebuilding my strength, reworking walking steps and functional tasks. With the perseverence and encouragement from my Physio therapist and Cognative therapist my progress in walking, talking and functional tasks improved. My balance is the main issue however I was determined to walk assisted outside so, Jo my physio brought a stroller round for me to practice on. Yay ! Every thing was looking grand in my eyes , oustside for spring. I was certainly motivated to get practising, but alas I found myself once again back in hospital with another infection . Progress has been delayed once again. Due to Live Well company policies ,my days with the Livewell team are over and now its just a waiting game for Cornwall councils referrals to transpire. How ever I shall keep on practising on my own but it is a long and lonely road .


Croeso, it sounds like you’ve had a rough ride. How is your vision as you have been struck in quite a few areas that concern sight and movement? I was a September strokee, back in 2020. Bilateral, multifocal cerebellar stroke. I hope that you find our community comforting and helpful. One can feel forsaken after stroke, it’s not just about making new connections in the brain, but also making new connections with our world around us.

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@Sandy1 welcome to the forum. You sure have had it tough & more hospital stays than anyone would ever want.

I hope you don’t have to wait too long for the next lot of physio. I got mine within 3 weeks of my home physio finishing but I think I was very lucky there.

In the meantime you could research exercises you could try online to tide you over until physio starts again.

Keep going I’m sure you’ll get there.

Ann x

Hello @Sandy1
You have come to the right place for support, I have only been on this site a little over a week and it’s only been 12 days since my stroke, so I’m very much at the begining of the road, like you.
It sounds like you’ve had a poor time with the services on offer in your area and it’s sad to hear, I am extremely fortunate with my care and after care.
You also seem very determined to take control of your own rehab which is a great positive mindset to have.
I wish you less hospital visits going forward, and a strong recovery xx


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Sandy - Keep on practicing on your own. It’s usage and repetition that rewires the brain. Don’t let “the system” slow down your recovery. :heartbeat:Jeanne

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Thank you Mahoney for you reply. I must admit this journey many of us are on is a very lonely one, mind you, saying that the forums do give you some comfort in knowing there are many folk on similar paths. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good morning Ann. Thank you for the reply all though somewhat late. I have a list of exercises that my old Physio had left for me.
However it is functional repetition tasks that helps us all , it helps with rewiring the brain , helps with co-ordination and in some other tasks balance.

Sandy xxx

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My peripheral vision is still affected but the blurring apart from when I am tired has gone which is a relief. Mind you I do like so many others know how a fish feels. :joy:

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Good morning Jeanne. Thank-you for your reply. I like the notation “the system” it is indeed system that is somewhat a trial it its self.
and yes I am continuing with my functional tasks. I couldn’t let the past Physio (Jo) down , she has worked so hard with me. It would be like me slapping her in the face if I gave up. Determination is the key ?.
:star_struck: Sandy

Sandy–I like your attitude! Determination is certainly the key. With your attitude I have no doubt that you will continue to recover and improve greatly!
image :slightly_smiling_face:Jeanne

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Thank you Jeanne, I love the caption and good chuckle for this time of the morning . :star_struck: