My Story

My name is Jenny and I had a stroke a few weeks before Xmas and a Functional Neurological disorder on 13th Dec. The FND highlighted through an MRI that I had the stroke 2 weeks before. I had the clot busting drug when admitted. I guess for me it’s coming to terms with it, I’m 55, fairly active with a young family. I’m also really struggling with fatigue and dizzy spells and nausea since and have had a couple of falls. I have joined this group as it would be nice to talk to people in the same situation and to hopefully see that things will get better x

As Jane says, fatigue is common. You must also learn to pace yourself. I am six years post stroke and get totally stressed if I do more than three or four tasks a day. Welcome to our forum

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Hello @jennie, welcome to the forum. I hope you can seek support and help here, I know many others have. I had a cerebellar stroke September 2020, plus six TIAs. I found the nausea was caused by giddiness. I had several bouts of it later on in recovery, and it was vile. Every stroke is different (that’s the proviso to any further remark), during the first six months neuro-plasticity will be in full effect, after six months it settles down and progress becomes slower but doesn’t stop. If you are rehabilitating with physiotherapy, now is the time to focus all energy on that, with plenty of rest to avoid the boom-bust cycle many of us stroke survivors are guilty of. Drink lots of water, be kind to yourself, and anchor yourself when necessary. For me, I have made improvement, albeit, sluggishly. I had 1-2% improvements dotted over a year, and a couple of 10% milestones to celebrate. I at least have another year, and I have given myself a five year goal before reviewing where I am at. Keeping a stroke diary is great because you can look back and review the improvements, keeping everything in perspective.