My Story

Hi everyone.   

I have had a stroke the beginning of January.   It first started with my hand.  I went to Watford General and was sent home with neuro problems.  Less than a week later I called an ambulance and went back to A&E  Yet again I was sent home.    Finally on my third visit when I lost complete use of my arm and shoulder, had speech problems and my  faced dropped only then was I admitted.   This has added to my state of mind as this could of been addressed earlier.   I am now depressed and very tearful daily which has been going on since my admittance to hospital.   Does anyone have any coping mechanisms as I feel like giving up.   Thanks in advance ....

Hello, I was misdiagnosed with BPPV, for three months, despite contacting my GP with concerns what I had was more serious than vertigo, I was sent away. I, therefore, spent three months having six TIAs, then a major stroke. At the hospital, they still considered BPPV, a day later after an MRI, they informed me it was a stroke. I could have had clot-busters, I was in the window but it ended up all too late before they twigged. So, yes, I empathise completely with you. I have to accept what is done is done, I am wiser now to the limitations of our health system and I am determined to get stronger, so I can manage the rest of my life and be gratified with what I have. I can only suggest trying to put your situation into a perspective that makes sense to you but is objective enough to distance yourself from dwelling on it. Dwelling is counterproductive, these things may not make us stronger but they will make us braver and shrewder. Distraction is also key to take our minds off rumination, begin the habit of thinking forwards and not backwards.

I had my stroke on the 6th of March so am just over 3 months. I have been to very dark places and have been very emotional. You don't say how the stroke had effected you. I lost coordination on my left side and initially couldn't talk and walk.

For me, I got myself all anxious and emotional by thinking too much about the future.

I have taken to reading a lot about strokes/ stroke rehabilitation, meditation, breathing exercises. I am keeping a simple diary so I look back and see my improvements. I have had to slow down. Take each day at a time.  I plan my day so I achieve one or two simple things. I exercise each day,even when I don't feel like it, it makes me feel better. Things will improve. 

I can't go back and change what has happened. I have to keep moving forward day by day. 

Be positive. Don't look back too much. Be determined.

I still have tingling on my left but can walk and talk as before. Most people are surprised when they find out I had a stroke so recently.

If your 1964 is your birth year you are the same age as me!

I am happy to chat.






Maurice, Never give in and never give up. You have not had a good experience of medical advice and support. Naturally, you emotions are all over the place. My stroke was five years ago and I had complete left side weakness. However, I walk reasonably well with a stick, have some use of my left arm and hand and go to three exercise classes a week.

At some point you will have to accept your stroke in order to move on. I'm sure you have people around you who love you and care a great deal about you. Remember those qualities that have seen you through life so far and stay strong.

Thanks. I am getting use to sending msg on here.

Again thanks for the encouragement


Thanks Jane. Still getting use to this whole thing. Will msg again and let you know the whole story. 

With friends now so msg tomorrow if alright with you

Always here to listen and chat if you need to. It is getting easier, the first get weeks are tough.