My story

I’m 34 I’ve suffered now 2 strokes and multiple TIAs

30thjune2018 myfirstSTROKE,

On the 29th after an eve spend with my love, I came home feeling a little tired with no symptoms to what was coming, around 10:30pm I was hungry so I went and had some pasta my mother had cooked literally had my last mouthful and I felt a blow to the back of my head. How did it feel? Well, like someone had hit me with a stick but that stick was on fire. I actually genuinely thought I was having a crazy ass migraine but I was holding my head and rubbing the pain, still unaware I’m having a stroke I asked my mum for some pain killers she gave me two. I thought let me see if it calms down before I pop them. 12am I couldn’t handle the pain anymore so I took them I must have passed out cus I really don’t remember falling asleep. 

At 8:30am I woke to an itch on my nose I went to scratch it but had my hand fall flat on my face, so I tried again thinking I’m still asleep. I tried to move I couldn’t move wtf Is going on I couldn’t move at all, I pulled my right arm out and tried to feel my arm, thinking if I rub it maybe it will wake up, I couldn’t feel my arm or hand. I started to panic I could hear mum in the kitchen so I tried to call out to her, I couldn’t talk so I grab my phone (this part even to today I can’t remember) I text my love : help, I can’t move help me please I think it’s bad I can’t talk help. No reply as he must have been asleep. 

I then manage to move my right side and stumble into the kitchen 

Shaking and frightened I look at mum and said in mumbled speech do I look ok, I can’t feel my arm my face or my hand. 

She said “call an ambulance now” 

The ambulance came. At 10:15 at newcross hospital it was confirmed. “Mrs Kaur you’ve had a STROKE” 

What! I thought a “STROKE” im only 34 I’m not old. 

“ we’re taking you to get a ct scan” they said whilst I lay there on the stretcher in tears. 

“Ok” I replied. 

Ct done back to my cubicle my consultant whom I owe my life to DR MCBRIDE  came to see me “Mrs Kaur, you’ve had an ISCHEMIC STROKE”now I’m a nurse and tryst me when I say this no matter how much I know about the world of health all my knowledge went out the window at this point, “what do u mean?” I asked 

“ I need to send you to have another ct scan but this time they will insert a dye into your blood and we can get a better picture” he said looking at me with these eyes that just knew that I was in fact scared, scared that I didn’t know what was happening to me” 

I returned after my second scan. To a lovely staff nurse, the doctor and a carer. “We’re taking you into the acute stroke unit I need you to stay here for at least 72hours.” 

I’m now on the ward and dr Mcbride and a lovely nurse came to me. 

“Mrs Kaur, do u know why you’re here?”

“Erm, not really but u say Iv had a stroke” I mumbled out, half in tears half in confusion as I couldn’t remember much. 

“ you’ve two blood clots on your brain, one is bleeding so we need to make sure it doesn’t cause anymore problems” 

“Huh, clots? But how, why, omg my son, my sons coming home tomorrow, I need to speak to him.” 

I speak to Dya and like a true warrior child he said “don’t worry mummy, I’ll come to see you at the hospital when I’m home.” My beautiful boy kept so strong. Little did I know these 72 hours were to turn into 9 days following the 7 TIA’s I suffered in the two nights after my first. If you’re unaware a TIA is a mini stroke. 

Day 9 -discharged. A whole week went by and I was feeling like I was doing good, accepting to the fact I can’t use my left hand, arm and I couldn’t see out my left eye. 

I was doing the school run daily I must stop and say Thankyou to everyone who kept an eye on him during my time in hospital. 

Monday 16th of July I suffered a second STROKE, ok we know what to do now so my love calls the ambulance, again get admitted onto the stroke ward. I feel like I’m in good hands there all the staff are on first name terms which kind of helps. 

This time the scan picked up a third CLOT on my carotid artery I know medical jargon but it’s basically the point where u feel your pulse on your neck. 

It’s what sends the instructions from brain to the part of the body you want to move. Luckily I was only in hospital 3 nights and I could come home to my son. 

Let’s get better i tell myself. Little did I know I was to have a third STROKE on the Sunday 22nd this time I was very lucky due to my medication and care provided at the hospital the third clot had dissolved but in the process it broke in two and caused another TIA. 

So it’s now the 14th of August nearly month after my second STROKE, and I’m still unable to deal with memory loss, unable to move my hand, unable to feel my face, unable to dress myself(upper half) unable to walk long distances, unable to cook for myself, unable to bath myself. I can’t even explain how I feel without crying

Oh dear please don't feel alone, there are lots of us on the Stroke Guide, some like myself who have had a stroke and some are carers.  We are all here to help having been through it.  Have you been contacted by your local Stroke Association group, if not contact them they are truly amazing people, you will be given a coordinator, who will help with everything and anything.  Forms, applications, benefits, courses, and just a listening ear.

The biggest challenge I found was accepting that you have had a stroke and are the same person but with different challenges to face.  It took me over a year for that to happen but everyone who has had a stroke has a different journey.  Good days and bad days, and hopefully as time goes by more good than bad.  I had been off work for a year and have only just returned doing two mornings and I am loving being back.  I never thought I would be able to go back, but sheer determination got me there.  Fatigue is my biggest issue, I get very frustrated on occasions and my poor husband suffers!!!  You always take it out on the one you love!!

I thought I was too young too and I am 60!!

Keep you chin up!


Hello I'm trying to sort life insurance after having a stroke...can anyone recommend an insurance company that I can try..many thanks xx

Dear Dee

So sorry to hear of your strokes. What a traumatic time you have had.

I hope your medical situation is settling, I doubt they would have let you out the hospital if it were not, and now you start on the longest journey of recovery.

The loss of movement, sight and the emotionality are very common . The tears are part of the effect of your stroke. I never cried before stroke, then the stroke and I would cry at lots of things and now, apart from funerals and one tV program, the tears have relented. You may well get waves of depression, again this is the stroke and you would be better off if you fight off the depression. It slows recovery and you could do without depression. Now the paralysis. I hope you have a physio to help you through. I was 90% paralysed but now i am 95% OK. I keep reminding myself that there is nothing wrong with my limbs, its "just" the messaging system. I now drive, go up step ladders and have even taken on a small voluntary job.

I have memory loss. The short term stuff is easing and the long term stuff is settling. I have obviously lost a chunk of "data" permanently and thats the three months prior to stroke. I can live with that loss.

At your early stage, the answer to a lot of problems is to rest. I know life around you must go on, but you need rest and tons of it. Your brain is damaged. Part of the damage is permanent and a part is probably healing. Your brain need all your resources for this healing. And it needs lots of water. Your amazing brain is also rewiring around the dead bits. I think this is "neuro plasticity". Again your brain needs to command all your energy to do the rewiring and so you will be resting and sleeping for England.

It is all so slow. You are young so a stronger person to cope with quicker recovery. Stroke gets all ages. In the stroke resus room my "neighbour" was six years old. So dismiss any notions that you are too young for a stroke. Its any age.

There are lots of us out here willing to offer our experience. You are not alone.

Be positive.

Smile a lot.

Best wishes




Hi Bokassa,

I was thinking exactly the same as you. There are several Insurance companies i.e.: London Life and Sun Alliance I believe that do not require any previous medical history, or any medical Questions.They do not even require you to take a medical examination . Obviously depending on your age, and the amount of cover required,depends on your monthly re payments. I'm currently looking for suitable cover my self.It's quite a minefield out there!


Hi again, sorry I spelt your name wrong, slip of the key!


I am so sorry to hear about your multiple strokes, at such a young age this must be so daunting for you but please don't feel like you're alone - there is so much support out there, including this site.

It is important to remember that stroke affects people in different ways which makes it difficult to predict the amount of time recovery will take, you are very much in the early days of your recovery.

Recovery rates differ for many reasons, for example, the area of the brain that has been damaged and your health before the stroke. The most recovery after stroke tends to happen within the first few weeks and months, but you might still make progress for a long time after your stroke although it may be slower.

There is an organisation specifically for stroke survivors of a working age - there may be a support group in your area where you can meet people similar to your age who are going through the same experiences as you -

Please do use this site as much as possible - seeking support from other people who have been affected by stroke will be crucial to your recovery.

Take care


Thankyou for your kind words 

Iv not had anyone apart from an OT who comes every other week or so and a nurse Iv seen twice all they do is talk to me 

OT gave me putty and a band the band I can’t use due to pain 

hi thats not good, ring the stroke association number and ask them for your local group. They will be able to help you.  Your OT should be able to put you in touch with them as well, but I thing ringing the stroke helpline will be quicker.


I very much support what Wendy wrote.

I hear that the SA give you a co ordinating contact (?). This is something that was not available to me when the stroke bit me December 2015. And a contact would be a great improvement. 

Failing that, an alternative is to ask the staff at your GP surgery. My area is not covered by the stroke association, but we do have a very good voluntary group and the GP surgery had deatials of this etc for me. I dont exactly live in the wilds, as I am in rural Essex (yes it does have a rural part !). Do think of the GP surgery and perhaps your local church. Amazing what help is available if you know where to go. If you have not got your diagnosis in writing, then whilst at the surgery ask for a copy then keep it safe.. I found this document very helpful.

Good luck Dee. 


Hello, I would like to say that reading these stories has given me the confidence to be determined to find out why I am still having strokes after 10 years ( now 3) and a tia is more than enough I think, it's time for some proper answers.

I now know that the issues I have had with my hand coordination are ataxia and the eye issues are called a stigma none of which I knew until we paid privately to see a specialist yesterday evening, It may be small but it's a start. smiley