My son had a stroke at 17

Hello, so my son had a major stroke on January 5th 2020 he was 17 at the time. the stroke left him with slurred speech and left sided weakness. he was in hospital for 10 weeks and then rehab for 3 months. he came home on the 15th June. he has had 2 seizures since his stroke and is waiting for an appointment at the epilepsy clinic. he was diagnosed with anxiety, depression and emotional dys-regulation 2019 and he was in and out of mental health hospitals last year. he has good days and bad days. i seem to spend most of my time chasing profesionals and making sure my son is getting the help he needs from them. sometimes i get really overwhelmed with everything thats going on and feel really alone and isolated from the world.

Sorry to hear about your son - I truly hope he continues to have more good days than bad days.

I fully understand the sense of being overwhelmed by this horrible condition - just over a week ago my wife suffered a severe bleed of the brain and since then she has developed a clot in the lung and hoping the medication does not cause another bleed.

You just feel like you want to scream and there is no one to help - but I have found forums like this allow me to comment and recieve advise and people understrand and genuinely care.

Taking everything day by day does seem to help

Best Regards