My six month review

went to see my nurse today blood pressure is fine heart tablets working and my cholesterol is coming down but then she said about my blood results came back am borderline for being a diabetic its was 41 she said i have to have more bloods done in nov and jan but can come down i just have to change my eating habit but i do eat rubbish with the grankids and watching tv and not enough fruit and veg so have to be good she said am feeling tired becase my sugers are up and down

Hi there. I am post stroke and diabetic but have just had my best diabetes review in 20 years. After my stroke, I made a number of lifestyle changes...less alcohol, more exercise and a diet which follows the pattern: one day meat, one day vegetarian, one day fish. I also eat more fruit. My cholesterol and blood sugars have gone down significantly and I now do not need statins. Feeling blessed at the moment.

Welldone! As a fellow diabetic I know it's not easy to impress the diabetic team. Especially since they now use the HbA1c no cheating with that test.

well done john this is a wake up call i needed i do eat unhealthy but today is a start of a new begining not going down that road

Dear John

You deserve a bit of a result after all the months you have battled your disability. And it also reminds me to get on with a sensible diet. I am slowly losing weight and have reached my initial 11 stone target. I am close to the diabetic levels and I dont want to join that club if I can possibly avoid it.

Nice again here, Sun and warm for late October.


Thank you Colin. Sunny here too. My result did cheer me up. I also spoke to my brother in law last night and he said that he thought I had made an amazing recovery. He said that when he saw me when I was first in hospital he thought me uncertain of recovery. That said, people who see you at your worst obviously fear the worst. Like you, I have a fighting spirit, faith and a belief that you must both work at recovery and listen to your body. Have had my daily rest and will soon be off to my exercise class. Enjoy your day.

Thank you John. It is such a boost to converse with a fellow SS. Only we can grasp what we go through.


Hi Lynnjenny. There is a section on the NHS website about healthy eating and how to balance out meals combined with occasional treats. It's easy to follow and helps to identify what they mean by portion sizes.  It's great news about your BP and cholestrol and that your heart is fine. Your grandkids will soon get used to your new eating rules and it will be good for their health too. My hubby couldn't eat just one biscuit - he always had to finish the packet!  My solution to his problem... I don't buy biscuits anymore! If they aren't in the house, he can't eat them.  He's lost over a stone and a half.

Wow, great stuffyes!