My research on Fascia

Hello wonderful group,

My physio recently suggested I look into the Tensor Fasciae Latae (TFL) muscle in the leg. It works with Gluteus Max / Med / Min muscles, and attaches to deep fascia and superficial fascia of the iliotibial band.

Well to cut a long story short , this led to my research on fascia, which I have always known is a key component of our bodies. When we were kids we were taught about the skeleton, organs, muscles, circulatory system etc., but fascia was never mentioned. Well just as Neuroplasticity is a new subject so is fascia. Now it’s all the rage, and particularly to myself, because my interoception (internal awareness like ribs, breathing, muscles around the scapula) is improving rapidly, ahead of my proprioception (awareness of the position in space of our hands, feet, etc). Of course, one will lead to the other. The fascia is full of nerve sensors that enable us to feel our bodies, and so it is through the fascia that we are aware of the feelings (aches included) inside our bodies. Of course, most people take this for granted, since it is nothing new. Thus the fascia is also a powerful sensory organ, and it is found almost everywhere inside our bodies.

The authority on fascia is Dr. Robert Schleip and I suggest listening to him if you don’t know him, because it is a very relevant subject for all who are working on rehab with their limbs (therefore muscles). Here’s a little half-hour interview with him :


Enjoy, and I hope it helps someone,
ciao, Roland


I can’t resist adding this clip

I guarantee if you have the slightest interest, you will learn much. Most of these things have not made it into textbooks yet, and the old school medics are not up-to-date with the latest thinking… ever suffered from DOMS ? yep, that’s fascia too…lower back pain? etc

hope you have a fasci-nating listen, Roland
(fascia = bind)


Definitely going to have a listen about things like lower back pain and delayed onset…