My poor mum

Hi all,

I wanted to share my story as I'm finding it all so hard. My dear Mum of 74 had a stroke the other day and is now is hospital. It's so hard as I can't even see her. She has had bad damage to the right side of her brain. I'm feeling so helpless right now. Mum is so sleepy and manages a few words. It's such a terrible time. Any words of encouragement or positivity is what I need right now.
please say she will get better, I'm so scared. Thank you all .

Hi there, I'm not able to give any advice, but have just found myself in a very similar situation to you. So incredibly hard, but very early days. Do you have a good support network around you?

Thank you for your reply. It's so hard isn't it. All I want to do is be with my Mum in the hospital holding her hand. I luckily have my husband and my two gorgeous children (9 and 11) who are looking after me but equally very upset. I know it's early days, it's been just two days but what a long two days it's been.

i have been told I can drop things off for my Mum. I know she is so sleepy but thinking maybe photos might help her. I just don't know. Thank you for your reply. 

I feel your pain. It feels like a form of torture - I cry at the drop of a hat. My dad had his stroke on Monday and was moved to a rehabilitation unit yesterday. I put a little photo album together with names on back as my dad's memory has gone and he's confused. I also wrote him a letter which helped me and one to the staff looking after him letting them know all about him. I don't know whether a phone call to your mum would be appropriate but I have been speaking to my dad on the phone. Sometimes makes me feel better, other times worse as he is confused and I'm not convinced he knows who I am. Until this morning I felt desperately out of control and lost (I'm sure I will again too), but have had a call from an amazing therapist this morning who wanted to know all about my dad which gave me enormous comfort. I so wanted them to know who the man behind the stroke is. Sending you lots of love - you're not alone and this agony will pass for both of us I'm sure x

Hi Seals20 = how awful for you, and family!  Am sure you can hug and comfort each other.  Your Mum would want that during this pandemic. Glad your darling Mum is being taken care of despite this terrible time.  It will soon be over, remember that.  Meantime, like many, you will have to make do with daily phone calls (to ascertain how well she is)?  Tiredness is a typical byproduct from stroke.  For you, I would suggest professional advice from here, either online or via the telephone?  Please know you are not alone like Carole said above.  By the way, funnily enough, I am another Carole!  Peace Carole x (Your e-angels haha!)

I'm also in this same position my mum is 51 she's not managing any words at all and only moving the left side of her body I'm so upset I can't see her