My poor mum?!

Hi all. My beaitiful mum had a massive stroke nearly six weeks ago. She was flown to a london hospital. The clot in her neck was 8cm long and connected to her brain

 She also had another clot in her brain.  She is slowly on the mend but her short term memory and balance is awful.she has no awareness on the left side and has no awareness of time. She cant remember how to use her phone yet but hopefully this will come back. 

The hospital that she went to first sent her home and said there was nothing wrong. An hour later she collapsed. The hospital staff were excellent in london and ashford. But now i feel left in the lurch as noone has rang up from nhs side. What to do??

Do you have family to support you? I wish you well.


I'm sorry to hear about your mum - stroke can certainly affect everyone so it's understandable you're feeling confused and 'left in the lurch.'

You could either speak to your mum's GP, or call the stroke ward you're mum was on and see if plans had been put in place for her discharge; which they should've been! This should include your mum receiving rehab to support her recovery whilst at home for the first few weeks.

You could also look to see if we have a support service in your mum's area who can support you all and talk you through the process. You can either follow this link and search by your mum's postcode/town area -

Alternatively, you can call the stroke helpline on 0303 3033 100.

I hope this helps.

Take care