My new pet renfield

I couldn’t resist getting one of these from my local garden centre and have named him Renfield. He eats fish flakes if natural food is in short supply


Maybe we should get one We’ve got plenty of food to feed it I think the cats bring in play things that escape and die in inaccessible locations!

Why Renfield I thought these things were all named Audrey?

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If it were a SHE, it might be named Venus. Lovely.
I could use him, I have a ton of flies in my art studio.

Yes a more appealing name than Draculas side kick the fly eating henchman.
You are not the first one to require his services

Why renfield?am i being dense or is it a reference to?x

It’s the name of Dracula’s fly eating henchman
I took a parallel to the plants feeding method.

Oh,i get it now,hope you’ve still got all of your fingers?:laughing:

So the missing context is that one has to know Renfield is a character in Monster Family a 2017 animated film - correct?

Renfield was Draculas fly eating sidekicks



Love it!!

This is my new (June 23) pet KROA (all capitals) !!

Stay cool :polar_bear: :wink:


Very good in the film! can’t remmeber the actor!

Ooh Bonsai, I love Bonsai trees. Use to be very into them but once the babies I couldn’t keep up with the care. I lost a few so gave the others away. Now I seem to be accumulating house plants and getting indoor water plants instead :smile: