My Neurologist appointment yesterday

Morning everyone.  I saw the Neurologist yesterday at hospital. She was a different one to the one I saw when I had my stroke so it was good to get another opinion on board.  I was tested all over to try and discover what was causing the numbness in my non-stroke leg as well as going through all of the usual stroke testing again.  Her conclusion is that I don't have any nerve, reflex or muscle problems which would cause numbness. She came up with two explanations. The first was that I may have had a mini stroke in my sleep which has affected the opposite side to my previous stroke, something she says I will have known nothing about until I woke up with the numbness the following morning.  The second was that because my right leg has been overcompensating for my stroke leg for over 18 months, it has lost a lot of its strength compared to my stroke leg which is apparently extraordinarily strong considering how bad it was when I had my stroke. This,  coupled with the fact that I lifted weights at the gym with my legs, has basically 'worn out' my good right leg!

I have to have a MRI brain scan (gulp - panic setting in already :( )to look into the central area of my brain, which she says is the part that operates your legs,  to determine if I have had another stroke or if there is anything untoward going on that could trigger another.  If all comes back normal, then it will be physio to strengthen my leg back to normal. So, as the song goes, one step further along the road I go!  One exciting thing though -  she showed me my brain scan from the day I had my stroke which I've never seen before.  I don't know why but I imagined a little black empty hole but was surprised to see a dark shadow instead.  Aren't brains fascinating!

On a completely different note, thank you for all your kind messages and condolences - they were very much appreciated and it's wonderful to get such good support from people I have never even met. Thank you again. xx


Hi, I know the MRI is not something to be cock-a-hoop about, BUT it's better that someone is trying to get to the cause of the problem, rather than just shrugging and putting it down to unexplained post-stroke symptoms, which would be the easy get out clause!!  It is fascinating to see the brain scan, especially as it proved that my husband has a brain, we were pretty thrilled about that!!  Seriously, we have sometimes shown the scan to friends/family to help them understand the reasons why things just aren't the same as before - it's very powerful.

Stay strong, and hopefully you will get more answers soon

xxx  ?

PS yes this is such a supportive and friendly site ?

Ask for sedation for the MRI scan. I was in a panic too but managed to have it with the sedation. Good luck!

Hi - She did suggest sedation but that means hubby has to take time off work to take me.  I've had an MRI before a couple of months ago on my back to see if that was causing the numbness and although petrified at the time, I made it through using a blindfold but the very thought of having another...... ah well, I'll just have to pluck up the courage again and grit my teeth :) 

Ah, I see. I was in hospital when I had mine so being sedated didn’t pose a problem. You did incredibly well managing it without sedation previously so I’m sure you'll be brave enough again. Hope it goes okay for you.

"especially as it proved that my husband has a brain"  laugh  LOL!

That's great you got a copy to show to people.  Seeing is believing as they say!  I'm sure a lot of people think a stroke is just a 'funny turn' older people have now and then! 

The thought that I may have had a mini stroke in my sleep has, I have to admit, brought back all those fears from the early days which I'd put behind me.  Hopefully, it won't be that but at least as you say having the scan will finally give me the answers. 

I am an amateur, but I suggest the problem comes from your right side overcompensating. One year post stroke, I had aching hips and a rolling gait when I walked, all for the same reason. I have strengthened by weak side enormously through my exercise classes and am now trying to correct by walking by observing the way others walk and how my good leg operates. Up until now my weak foot tends to land on the front part, whereas my good foot lands on the middle and the heel. Our bodies will always compensate, but that has adverse effects on the weak side.

You are right in saying the brain is a marvellous thing. I am amazed what it has allowed me to do again and what it won’t let me do. I have never seen my scan, but perhaps that’s just as well and, yes, this is a friendly site full of caring people.

Good luck with the mri - I wouldn’t have sedation - I have had a total of 4 now and my way of coping is lie there shut your eyes and imagine you are somewhere else ?

Does anyone know if you absolutely have to wear the headgear (the cage looking helmet thing) when you have a brain scan or can you just lie perfectly still. The thought of having that on my head as well as being enclosed is freaking me out sad