My mums update


My mum had a pon stroke 2weeks ago. She is finally of oxygen and her potassium level has gone up from 2.7 to 3.8. Mum is still not medically stable. Physio sees her 5 times a week in the hospital. She unfortunately has dysarthria. Speech therapist has not been so useful though.In two weeks ,she has only seen her once. She is still not medically stable to start full rehabilitation. Has anyone stayed this long in the hospital before rehab? Any idea and tips on dysarthria,pls.Does it getter better? Can someone with dysarthria ever swallow again? My mum is till fed via tube. Not spoken , she only nods and shakes her head when spoken to.


I was 3 weeks before I started rehab ( because I was in a coma )

Wow!How are you doing now? 

Not too bad. I have disabilities - no movement in my left arm and nothing below my left knee. However I work part-time, live on my own, drive and enjoy my life.


My mum will most likely be discharged on Saturday to start rehabilitation. Can anyone tell me useful equipment she can use aside from the one physio and speech therapist will get her on,please. We want her to have a few equipment that my brothers and Dad can engage her with whenever physio is not in. She has dysarthria.Something safe and easy to use to help with function of hand and leg. Mum is so far away from me and the only  support I can offer now is getting equipment and moral support. 

My other concern is ,she seems to be sleeping a lot during the day .Sadly, the nurses are of no help with vital information. We do not know is f she is awake all through the night then sleeps during the day or she is just really tired. She needs to be awake to  be involved in rehabilitation.Did anyone experience it?

Your Mum will need an assessment of her house before she is discharged - this may have already happened and I've missed that message.  I know it's difficult but she really shouldn't come home until that assessment has been made, and then the OT will make recommendations about what equiment, aids or modifications might be needed.  

Your Mum needs lots of sleep/rest, let her have that, as her brain needs time to re-boot.  Early days of post-stroke will be characterised by fatigue, and the need for sleep.  This will gradually improve - as usual I'm amazed that the stroke nurses don't know this ?‍♀️ they should be explaining that to you!  

I'm sure you'll receive lots of posts from those who've been there, so keep a check on this site.

Very best wishes to you all xxx

Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately ,she is back home in Nigeria,healthcare over there is disappointing. She will be in a rehabilitation facility in the hospital . We do not know when she will be back home. I am hoping it will be soon. I am just looking for equipment my folks can use with her when they visit. 

It's a shame that you're currently separated, hope you can be together soon, and that also there will be some useful resources and equipment to make life easier.  All good wishes ?

Yes yes and yes I was in hospital 1 month very ill then 3 months in rehab and they were amazing I can virtually do everything now a year later bitslower obviously.I believe my brother came in in the 4th week and I said hiya and told him I was hungry.It was then off to rehab and upwards ever since.Its early days but your mum will get there look after yourself x

Hi Lulu,

Thank you for your words of encouragement. Sincerely appreciate it. Glad you are doing well.