My mum seems to be suffering from Vertigo, can anyone offer advice to help her?

My mum had a stroke 7 weeks ago and got home on Friday, she is doing ok, but seems to be suffering from a lot of dizziness think it is Vertigo, even when she moves when she is lying in bed or sitting in a chair. She is frightened to walk even a little bit with her zimmer frame because if the dizziness. Can anyone offer me some advise about this it is making her so tired? I am on my own so would find it difficult to lift her by myself if she fell.

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@Lanza1 welcome to the group. Sorry to hear your mum has had a stroke. I don’t know which part of her brain was affected by the stroke but dizziness can be a symptom following a stroke. I felt pretty dizzy every day for mo ths following my stroke & still suffer now - although it’s not every day now.

I found that I used supports to walk around initially. Whether that be the walls, walking stick, wheelchair etc. I made sure I moved slowly & got up and down slowly so it didn’t make the dizziness worse.

I also had some Vestibular Occular Reflex exercises to do but it would depend on the cause of the dizziness whether they would work or not.

It is very early days for your mum yet & lots of rest is needed at this stage. Bucket loads of patience is required too. I spent most of the first few months sat on the sofa & sleeping or doing my physio.

You could always get your mum checked by her GP but hopefully in time her dizziness will ease.

Sending best wishes to you both.

Ann xx

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Thank you for the reply x

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The vertigo is most likely due to the stroke, I had it and it took about a year to settle down, but I can still get little spells of it from time to time. I see it as my body’s warning sign to slow down.

But you really should get her to see her first and foremost, they will clarify if it’s stroke or something else as sometimes medications could also be the reason.

And then there is Vertigo…benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV).
If your mum currently has a PT, they might be able to do this manoeuvre on her which might help. Some doctors can also do it too.

What is the manipulation for vertigo?
The Epley manoeuvre is used to move the canaliths out of the canals so they stop causing symptoms. To perform the manoeuvre, your health care provider will: Turn your head toward the side that causes vertigo. Quickly lay you down on your back with your head in the same position just off the edge of the table.

I do hope your mum can get this sorted, stability after strokes is hard enough without the dizziness and vertigo.

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