My Mum aka Pat

Hello, we had a further update today from the hospital and they have said the Mum has been left severely impaired and will not be able to return home. She still has right side impairment and has Asphasia. So now I have to start the process of sorting out where she goes next. I have lasting power of attorney and I think this has to be activated. Mum had a maisonette that will need selling in order to pay for her care. We are based in Chelmsford, Essex. Any help or advice greatfully received. I feel a
Bit numb, even though i suspected this would be the case, to actually have that conversation hit hard. X

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Hello sorry to hear your Mums story .
I would speak to your Mums social worker and Age uk they will be able to advise you and help in getting your Mum settled where will be looked after.
Try not to rush anything .
best wishes

Hi Dawn. I’m so sorry to hear this. I don’t have any advice really as my Mum is still in hospital, but just sending you support. I echo Pip’s advice to speak to Age UK as I’m sure they will be able to give you practical support and advice. I would have thought the hospital discharge nurse will be able to help with options too? Good that you have LPA in place already as that will make things easier from a practical point of view.

Take care of yourself. x

Hi Pip, thank you for your advice. Mum doesn’t have a social worker as far as I’m aware so I will talk to the hospital. I will also speak to Age UK. Best Wishes

Hi Joanne. Thank you for your message. How long has your Mum been in hospital? It’s a difficult time isn’t it. I’m starting to make phone calls and trying to figure out what support I can get from where. Take care too x

Thank you. It’s good to hear your Dad settled well. I hope it’s the same for my Mum x

Hi Dawn It may be the Hospital are unaware of the LPA so I would use it , then they have to include you. Best wishes

Lovely, thank you, that’s really helpful, I didn’t know that. Best Wishes x

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She has been in hospital for 2.5 months now - making progress but slowly x

Hi All, it’s been a tough few weeks. Mums settled in a nursing home now, she has made no improvement sadly and we have been told that she is now classed as end of life. Although visually she looks well, the stroke has left her with so much lasting damage. It’s awful seeing her like this. I have days where I just want to run away screaming and days where I cope. It’s a real roller coaster for everyone, especially Mum. She is unable to communicate in any way. She does recognise us which is good.

Oh Dawn, I’m so sorry - that must be so hard on all of you. I have to admit I knew very little about strokes before my Mum had one. Having seen the effect on her, and read stories like yours on here, I am unfortunately now fully aware of how horrendously life-changing they can be. They are so cruel because they so often come out of nowhere - there is no time to adjust or grieve for what has gone. x