My husbands stroke

Hi. My name is Stacey Timms and I am the wife of stroke survivor Francis Timms. Francis, or Frank as I call him had a sudden stroke on 20th Octoberr 2018. He was fortunate in some respects because he had been out but had returned home by the time the stroke occurred. We did call 111 but they were taking their time sending help, so I sent for a taxi to get him to hospital. We managed to get him there within the magic hour and he was given asprin to start disolving the clot. He was on a stroke ward for 3 weeks at Solihull hospital, then moved to rehab at Anne Marie house. He was blessed with a good physical recovery,(apart from stroke fatigue and a limp he can walk and talk normally), but had mood swings. I went on line to the stroke association website to try to understand why and found several resources which i downloaded to help me help him. We managed to find a stroke association stroke club for him to join near our home, which he enjoys attending and the GP has been marvellous, answering every concern and keeping a close eye on him because it has been difficult to maintain an optimum bp. They made sure that he had all the right medication and bloods taken and when they put him on anti depressants his mood stabilised. We are both indebted to the Stroke association for the helpful advice and the medical tips gained and look forward to a bright future looking to support others by sharing our story. one really good event that took place was that Frank was baptized as a Christian on Easter Sunday, a happy day for all concerned. Thank you to all our friends on the stroke association website and stroke guide forum. We look forward to sharing our stories and communicating further on our shared journey. Love to all, Stacey Timms

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@Stacey_Timms welcome to this lovely forum but sorry to hear if your husbands stroke. Sounds like he has made a lot of progress so far. It’s great to hear a positive story. I hope he continues on the recovery path.
Best wishes to you both xx