My husband is anxious to contribute but is it permitted

Does my husband need to join the forum to post comments about how we are both dealing with my stroke? I think it would give another perspective.


We use the same iPad and it defaults to my membership as I am the one who suffered the stroke . How, practically, can he join the forum?


@Brendabuck This is an internet forum so your husband should be able to create his own account regardless of who’s device he is using.

Do you both still need help finding the New User Tutorial?

Once you register on the forum you should receive a Greetings email from MSG-bot, click on your profile pic (top right corner of screen) and you should find it in the drop down box… the message looks like this:

Just follow the instruction I pointed to in red.

And welcome to the forum, this is a great forum for help and advice from fellow stroke survivors, we are more than happy to help you :smile:


Hi, I think it’s so important to hear all sides, stroke affects the whole family, take care x



You are both very welcome on this forum. My wife who is also my carer has her own account. I am the one who had a stroke.

The forum and stroke association is for those affected by stroke so it includes stroke survivors, carers and family as they all feel the effects.

Both you and he can join and enter in the discussion, to ask questions, or just say whatever you need to say. The folk here are caring, helpful and will make you welcome.

Sometimes it is good to find someone who will listen to you, without being judged. Your input and questions are as valuable as anyone else’s.

I’d like to say that stroke survivors in general recognise that the support and care we receive is something we cannot do without. You and he are extremely valuable to us.

You help us to achieve a certain amount of independence, which makes it all more bearable.

Keep on keepin’ on
:heart: :grinning: :+1:


Hi @Brendabuck. It would be great if your husband could contribute. I’m a “husband” and feel I’m so easily irritated when my wife tries to help me. I can’t cope very well with having to concentrate on getting from A to B and she tries to help. I always looked after the finances. I don’t have a clue where they are at the moment. She can’t do them, because she depended on me.

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