My husband had a stroke but i am not happy with his treatment

Hello Shani @TrevorNaidoo

Welcome to the community on this forum. I hope you find this band of #StrokeThrivers (those who have survived a stroke and their carers) to be as supportive and empathetic as I and many others have .

There are many folk here who know how frightening, disorienting and depressing the aftermath of a stroke is for a whole family. I’m sure they’ll be by before long to offer insight and support.

None of us are medically trained so we couldn’t know if the meds your husband is being given of the most appropriate. I do know that it took me a while to adjust to mine and I’ve read lots of other people on here have had to go back to the medical team to have either dose or drug altered. Why do you feel unhappy about what he has been given?

I think the hospital staff especially nurses and care assistants are in a high pressure environment: I’m sure they don’t mean to be rude - I found all of mine responded well to a friendly tone voice and a smile and I remember that that wasn’t something I felt like I had a big supplier of initially

The med profession recognise person whose brain was affected directly but is a little slower at responding to those nearby like spouses and carers & yet they are they (you) Have equal but different needs. My wife found a local carers support group called vocal I think she located them via the GP. If you’re having asthma attacks through stress then some assistance seems called for and GP would be a place to get a referral .

As far as your husband needs are you might find 40 things to know: what would you underline add or delete has some good advice. And if he is up to reading this forum is packed full of our stories and the things we wish we had been told at the beginning

Keep visiting and reading and posting and I’m sure the community will give you support