My Hobby is power wood carving

I was carving items in wood, wood spirits, Christmas prezzies, but since my stroke I am tired, lethargic and disinclined to bother with going Into my workshop and even after going in I feel I just can’t be bothered it’s depressing, any one any ideas for motivation, Allan

Thank you for that if it works I’ll let you know. Allan

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Hello @Allan_4389 (Allan), is that carving with power tools like chainsaws? I do a small bit of carving, staffs and walking sticks which I embellish. I am currently seasoning some shanks now, but it takes a little while. I have a lots of hobbies, and I approach them slowly these days. Sometimes, I find reading a new book on the topic is inspiring, watching a telly programme on the subject, or listening to a podcast can provide the necessary hwyl to get back to it. I never put pressure on myself to attend to them, or view them with any sort of urgency. Stepping stones are useful for doing this, so I make the first little step. I have recently begun winter pruning, so the first thing I did was to take apart my tools, and give them a thorough clean and sharpening in the sitting room. This took long enough but when I had completed this little step in comfort, I then went out about a week later and did a small amount of pruning on one tree. Not a lot but enough to get the ball rolling. Now, I continue to chip away at the trees (not a good phrase to use when talking about pruning), and take my time with it.

Hi Allan same with me regarding motivation,have a garage that needs sorting , ventured in there a couple of times but retreated. Always been a hoarder ‘ know this will come in useful sometime !’ Now have to face the reality that I have a wee problem as I have to move in a month or two. Was told by consultant before leaving hospital that motivation will be an issue but that the prognosis was for a good recovery .we’ll just over a year on and grateful for what I’ve got. Your post has given me a gentle kick up Butt. Was advised , take little steps and with aid of an egg timer will start short bursts. When I get sorted will take up wooden spoon carving, friend given me the tool required. Have limited eye sight up enough to give it ago. First task I did when I came home was strip down my wife’s battery-powered chainsaw ( Her 70th birthday present from me, what a thoughtful chap I am !) I succeeded but it wiped me out for two days and then I discovered I’d put chain on back to front!:thinking:. Rups has wonderful suggestion that you have to summon up that inner Viking to get yourself back on track. Can’t sit here texting , though it is therapeutic in short bursts but the journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. So with egg-timer in hand , off to garage. Will let you know how I fair ? Give spoon carving a go but go gentle ,don’t rush into Welsh Love Spoons too soon. Let us know what you take up. Pds

Thanks for your input, no not with a chainsaw, too frightened I’d take my hands or legs off, the boss would kill me if I did that. She won’t let me use steps these days. I’ve been viewing YouTube and the power carving videos using a dremel, there’s lots of them. I was doing them after my first stroke and got lots of kit for Christmas (what do you get someone who got everything) but I now have to tidy up my man cave before I start planning what next. I dislike gardening and the boss says I can’t tell a flower from a weed so I’ll stick to power carving. I will probably stat with a pendant. I’ll let you know how I get on

Hi there, pleasant to find someone like me. I moved 7 years ago the garage was large and had alsorts of machinery and tools left in it, decided that lots of things were keep able and just added more, converted some of the garage to a craft room for she who must be obeyed and another part for a train set but the I got pseudo parkinsonism and had the shakes. So no go with modelling next came my first stroke and I moved into the craft room to try power carving some little success decorated and lined some wooden boxes for my two granddaughters last Christmas. I had my latest stroke whilst on a coach to Hogmanay in Scotland. I’ve made quite a start to recovery but I am a bit daunted by the need to tidy up my workshop, teach me to be a messy person. Sorry if I’ve gone on a bit about my self and thanks for the excuse to share my thoughts. I will certainly keep you aware of my progress perhaps even show you what I have created. Allan

I’m still keen to use tools but have swapped all my 240v tools for battery powered ones. They are not as powerful but this is an asset since they take less strength to handle. One major problem is that I’ve had to lock out all the safety buttons since there is no way my right hand can do two jobs at the same time. I will have to take care not to have an accident.

Boys and their power toys. :grin: I prefer silent tools, got to admit, even a scythe is more pleasurable at cutting grass than a lawn mower, despite the fact I push a mulcher around the orchard.

Hello @Pds, nice to see you on the threads. I suspect you will soon be busy packing bags and working out what goes and what stays. I hope you keep your cider kit. Maybe the lads might use it?

The world needs you. You have a skill so many would like to have. Picture the joy on the face of a poor or sick kid, or just any kid that holds one of your carvings in his hand. Or a senior that wins one in a raffle. You could donate some to a senior center, a church or charity. Maybe picturing that happy face in your mind will inspire you to start a new carving. I wish I didn’t live so far away(USA). I’d love to have one of your carvings. It would cheer me up! My best to you. :slightly_smiling_face: :heartbeat:Jeanne

Well I thank you for this uplifting message. I am getting stronger everyday and want to get on with it, but it is still daunting just cleaning up the mess I left last year. As others have suggested I will just do a bit and then have a rest but hopefully I can sort it. I let you know how I get on.
Once again thanks for you support. Allan

Hi there

Sorry to hear about having to give up 240 vlt tools, luckily my right hand works but gets tired quickly. If it helps on YouTube I saw a demo of a foot control device for drelel type power controls, havnt seen any thing to help changing burrs but I am always watching YouTube power carving, the ideas that are shown are fantastic. If I see something there I will let you know allan

Hi Allan, always been a collector since childhood, egg collecting ( shame on me !) cigarette and tea cards and army badges. Been gardening over 50 years now and have assembled all manner of old tools , will donate them to local rural Life museum. The detachment and lack of connection floors me some days.Convince myself have Accepted being stroked but not there yet it appears !Live out in the sticks surrounded by coppice and this has been my salvation cutting dead poles for wood burner but dear Wife thinks I should be moving on to other challenges but something is holding me back ? Confident some days I’ve reached top of hill and now on way down. But then walk into a fog of low cloud some days.But Hey I can stride out so keep fit which a lot of You can’t ,but now and again my visual problem and lack of motivation bog me down. Adapt and Adjust . Yes,I can get There👍🏻 We All must Battle on and accept a few grey days. Keep Strong Pds

Thanks for the message, suspect you sent it to the wrong person, I’ve always found a pair of ear defenders a great help any way gave up making my own booze when I saw I was drinking it all myself.
Still thanks for your message keep well Allan

Hi there again
Just responded to another of your messages.
I have had to temporarily pass our dog on my daughter cause I don’t have the strength to walk her and my wife is blind. I am now quite a lot stronger and hope to be able to control her (the dog not the wife) again next month so she can come home, bring comfort to us both. I live on the West Coast of England but never get to walk on the sea side. Too many tourists in Summer too windy in Winter but it has always been thus.

I feel that my recovery is going well and hope to get back to as normal as I was before the events in as short a time possible, I hope to be as positive as you seem to be. All the best, keep up the good work Allan

Hi Allan stay positive most of time but some days have to work at it . Don’t have a dog but my eldest son has two English springers ! Would not be my choice but surprised myself last week when had to look after them. Well trained and living in country so no need for leads.Having much better day ,seem to have got things right. Maybe due to weather also maybe due to ignoring my own advice and not using egg timer when outside. Used it inside for 10 minute burst on bike first thing . and as Wife off walking and won’t know, I risked it. But if I slump later I’ll be for it. Now off to catch last of sun. Pds

Thanks for this message, my daughter took my wife and me shopping today to Tesco superstore I pushed the trolley, my wife is blind, sorry to say after about 30mins was completely knackered, realised I had done too much knee’s giving way, ready to fall over. I think it’s going to take me a wee while to get my strength back.
I should have taken the advice offered. I’ll set my phone for a time hext time I go for a walk, our dog is in good hands so she can stay there
Nice to have spoken with you, thanks for the advice keep as well as you can. Allan

Hi Rups, wife and I went on scythe course was very satisfying.we adopted a wet patch in centre of village and-havePreformatted text` created a wildflower meadow it gets its annual mow in late summer and clumps of betony and devils-bit scabious are left to be scythed off in October( a valuable nectar/pollen source for the late flyers. Hope my Noggin clogs slot into place so I can swing a scythe again. Remember watching on Utube a bare footed peasant maiden swishing her way through a substantial acreage of meadow effortlessly! Was poetry in motion.Managing to keep myself on rails for a few days now.So it can be done :hugs: Hope you’re doing same. Pds

Hello @Pds, symptoms here are not too bad of an evening at the moment. Morning time is a bit slow still. It’s that flitter of the eyelids, drinking in the light of reality. I was taught how to use a scythe, and really enjoyed it. The gentle rhythm of shaving grass is quite cathartic. I’ve got some betony to go in this spring actually. I’ve been cleaning and sorting the woodshed, spending time arranging lumber according to size and seasoning. It’s actually been a very good way to rehabilitate visual impairment as I need to pick up lots of twigs, and toss wood aside, as well as sort and snap kindling piles. I’ve managed to split a few rounds but haven’t been ready to use the circular saw yet. Seems counterintuitive to the quiet time I have in there at the moment just pottering around. I am currently also working on a family history website for my partner’s family as part of my partner’s birthday present. This requires the endless digitising of negatives from the 1970s and slides. Something I can easily do without too much fatigue.

Hi Rups I find the day improves the later it gets, evenings not often a problem. Dear wife (exPE teacher) always peddling or jumping around thought it a good idea to sign me up for a Pilates session ! Bad very bad , in so many ways. Visualise an upturned turtle floundering in thick fog with bad hangover. needed to do something to clear cobwebs but that was a bit drastic. Gardening has always kept me fit & other rural activities but never sport or keep fit. Bless Her she saw the error of her ways and signed me up for a reformer Pilates for decrepit old chaps with various disabilities and I coped well and benefited. All centred around bench which you lay on and push pull and stretch. Back to motivation and lack of it,when thinking about different challenges. I think it’s linked to my vision. My garage is a good example, needs sorting, I go in there get overwhelmed, focusing is such an effort.I know the answer could be to enter , set egg timer for 5 minutes do a few tasks and retreat but at present can’t even summon up a mediocre Viking to help me. Rain came back at dawn. No problem striding up lane to post box. Old boy in village said to me when I got out of hospital, get out and walk all you can, that’s the best medicine. Am determined to enter garage this week. Will let you know how I get on. Pds

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